Brady Toops Should Be The Next 'Bachelor,' Because He Knows What He Wants & It's Love

Is it too late to petition a new Bachelor selection? Because I really think I've got a fantastic idea. I know, I know, everyone is already sure that Ben H. has been selected as the 2016 Bachelor — and there is nothing wrong with that! Ben H. is cute, he can dance, and we've already seen him woo some ladies. I get the appeal. However, as great as Ben H. is, I think that Brady Toops should be the next Bachelor. Think about it: He is also cute, I'm not sure if he can dance but he can sing like crazy, and he is an honest-to-goodness sweet guy.

Remember way back at the beginning of Kaitlyn's season (so many rose ceremonies ago!) when Brady discovered that Britt was not going to be the Bachelorette? Rather then waste everyone's time on the show he left to go find her! It was super romantic and is solid evidence that this guy would be decisive on the show, keeping and cutting girls easily.

While it looked like Britt and Brady were together for a little while, they eventually broke up. (But, they were totally amicable about it, so I'm sure she'd have no problem with him going back on the show.) Now, Brady is single and ready for his shot at (televised) love! You know it. I know it. The Bachelor-mascot raccoon knows it, and here's why.

Brady's Clear About His Feelings

Most of the time it seemed like pulling teeth to get the Chris to admit to what he was actually feeling. Brady would be the perfect counterbalance to all of that flightiness. I'm not saying for a fact that Ben H. will be mercurial, but I am saying he's more of a risk. Brady, on the other hand is always clear as a bell. Dude knew he liked Britt so much he left the show for her. Pretty sure he knows his emotions.

He's Big On Romantic Gestures

Not to beat this drum too hard but he left the show for Britt. Just image what he would do with an entire show dedicated to his romantic gestures.

He's Very Musical

He's always been the soulful, guitar playing, Coldplay-loving good guy. And, seeing as how music often figures its way into the dates and challenges, this seems like a big plus.

He's Ready For Love

He already lost his chance at being on the show and getting a free vacation once in the name of true love, shouldn't that good behavior be rewarded?

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; giphy (6)