This 'Bachelor' Contestant Is Killing It On Hinge

by Natalia Lusinski

Want to date an ex-Bachelor contestant? If you join the online dating app, Hinge, you may have your chance. Former Bachelor (season 17) and Bachelor in Paradise (season 1) contestant Sarah Herron, 29, who was just named Hinge's Most Eligible young professional. “It's cool to be recognized for not just being on a TV show but also for my professional standpoint," Herron told PEOPLE magazine.

“The candidates were selected based on their high swipe-right rates and their ambition/occupation (they're all making a positive impact within their industries),” says Jean-Marie McGrath, PR and Community Liaison at Hinge.

Herron is an art director at an ad agency in Los Angeles and recently worked on the Truth campaign for the American Legacy Foundation, helping to encourage teens to stop smoking. “Working on this campaign has been one of my proudest accomplishments, because I’ve created work that motivates society towards positive change,” Herron told Hinge. “Working for nonprofits is very humbling, but it’s also exciting to be a part of something that's going to change history.”

Hinge reminds me of the dating version of Facebook, since, via the social network, it “introduces” you to (single) people you know, or their friends. So it’s like going to a party and meeting someone’s friends — only, online.

Unlike Tinder or OkCupid or other apps and dating sites, Hinge only connects and matches you to people within your social circles. (Meaning, usually guys without tigers in their pics and girls without bikini-only shots.) From doing some “research” on the app myself, many people (my friends’ friends) seemed to be high-caliber, educated, and had down-to-earth profiles versus some of the other profiles you see out there. (I think I’ve tried every site, so this is based on my research, but you can compare and contrast for yourself.)

But, if dating a celebrity is what you’re after, here are a few more that you may stumble upon online, on various sites and apps, though Tinder seems to be the most common. Last year, Tinder even made a verification process for celebrities since so many use fake names on Facebook (which links to Tinder profiles, as I'm sure you know). The below have all admitted trying it out. Like us, they all have different motivations for doing so. If they don't convince you to give it a shot, too, I don't know who will. (Here's a funny YouTube video about celebrities and Tinder, too, made at this year's Comic-Con.)

1. Mariah Carey

Carey released a statement with her profile, she commented on her personal life and finding love. She said, "I hope every woman who is single and listens to this song goes out and finds her infinity, whether on Match or the traditional way.”

2. Lindsay Lohan

On Tinder, Lohan was matched… to her brother! She then posted a screenshot of his profile to her Instagram and wrote, "Look who I just found on @tinderapp... hey bro."

3. Nana Meriwether (Miss USA 2012)

Regarding Tinder-dating, Meriwether said, “Even pageant-title-holders get lonely.” She joined the app in 2013. “I think when you’re single, you should try all avenues. And now there are so may new apps for dating — this one is just really fun.”

4. Ben Flajnik (The Bachelor)

A fan found him on Tinder after his engagement to Courtney Robertson ended. The fan tweeted, “Haha did this just happen? Hit me up on Tinder.” Flajnik wrote, “Tinder is hilarious.” (I’m sure many of you would agree, though it is possible to find love on the app!)

5. Chelsea Handler

Of Tinder, she said, “I don't want to hook up with famous people, I want to hook up with regular men on the street. I like anonymous random men. That's exactly what I'm looking for.”

6. Snowboarder Rebecca Torr

And many of us may remember Sochi last year, when snowboarder Torr tweeted: “Can’t wait to tinder in the Olympic village in Sochi,” which attracted much press in the local papers and NY Daily News. Olympic officials then distributed 100,000 (!!) condoms to athletes at the games. (I wonder how many were left unused afterwards.)

7. Adele

The singer said she joined eHarmony after a breakup, but didn’t have great results. “I just signed up for eHarmony, I can’t put a photo of myself, so I don’t get any emails,” she said. (Of course, now she's with Simon Konecki, but it just goes to show that everyone has online dating issues.) Also, Adele's eHarmony struggle is one plus that we non-celebrities have. We can post photos of ourselves (in moderation, though, remember that!).

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