All The Post-Credits Scenes 'F4' Could've Had

Since its release on Aug. 7, Fantastic Four has been responsible for some pretty big controversy, ranging from its critical reactions to director Josh Trank's dissing of his own film. Yet none of that was as frustrating as having sat through the movie and its entire end credits before finding out there wasn't a post-credits scene. To be fair, they told you so. In fact, at Comic-Con, star Jamie Bell specifically told MTV, "No we don't, there's no post-credits sequence." That doesn't keep fans (including myself) from wondering, though — what would a Fantastic Four post-credits scene have been like?

Post-credits sequences in the Marvel Universe tend to go one of two ways: it's either a joking, lighthearted tag, or a tease of a villain to come. (Or, in the case of Guardians of the Galaxy, it's a WTF appearance by Howard The Duck.) Yet with Fantastic Four, we got nothing. The absence of a post-credits scene is certainly one of the film's more forgivable offenses, but, it certainly didn't help endear the film with fans. In order to rectify the situation, I have decided to take the fate of Fantastic Four into my own hands by providing fans with my own ideas on what a post-credits scene could have looked like. (Spoilers ahead, of course!)

The Fantastic Four Fight Over Bedrooms

Fantastic Four ended with the new team moving into top secret headquarters complete with a gigantic lab and a full staff of scientists that are, presumably, living in secrecy and completely willing to follow the lead of superpowered 20-year-olds. But what we saw of the lab was just that, a lab. Where were the bedrooms? A good old "siblings fighting over who gets the best bedroom" scene could have provided the movie with some much-needed levity, and given the characters a chance to show off their powers in a lighter situation.

The Human Torch Accidentally Melts His Lego Mug

I cannot be the only person who noticed Johnny Storm's incredibly awesome Lego mug in the movie. The entire time Johnny (Michael B Jordan) was in the lab working (pre-transformation), he kept sipping from this blue mug that looked like it was made of Legos (seen above in the bottom right corner). The reason I bring this up is because I want one, and also because it's awesome. While everyone else was sipping coffee out of their boring, standard mugs, Johnny got to be the cool boy with the cool mug. It would have been both hilarious and sad to see Johnny struggling to control his fire power and accidentally melt his precious mug. (But, seriously, shout out to the props department for this one.)

The Thing And Mr Fantastic Fight/Hug It Out

I don't know about you, but one thing that really disappointed me in Fantastic Four was that Reed and Ben never really worked through their issues. And, while the movie did answer the question of who would win in a fight (the Thing would win — always), it didn't let them really have a chance to get all of their feelings out. It would have been fun to see Ben and Reed fight it out in a controlled environment (30 seconds in the ring, anyone?) and then hug it out like the bros they are. (Let's take a moment to imagine how wonderful a hug between a giant rock with a heart of gold and a super stretchy man would be.)

Any Deleted Scene From The Movie

As for a villainous tease, that's a little harder to imagine. Though a Fantastic Four sequel has already been announced, no story details have been released. A post-credits sequence could always feature some new, threatening power rumbling in the alternate universe, or an even more secret government operation made to destroy them. Yet really, any deleted scene from the movie could've worked, as well. Like the one above, of Reed Richards confronting Victor Von Doom. Or this one, that appears to show Sue Storm crying over the (hopefully not dead just injured) body of her brother Johnny.

Or, on the lighter side, this one of Johnny fixing his car all sexy man like.

Now, wouldn't that have been great?

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