What's The Goblins Alliance On 'Big Brother 17'? & What's A Goon To A Goblin?

Despite all of the conspiring that HoH Becky had to do to make sure Vanessa was blindsided when she was nominated for eviction, a group of Big Brother 17 "goblins" are trying to reverse that by sending Shelli home. Jackie, Meg, and James have thrown out the "After Dark Crew" name (which, honestly, wasn't that good of a name and its lineup has changed at least three times already) to become "The Goblins". Now that the Sixth Sense is losing its second member, The Goblins are poised to become the next big power alliance in the house, especially after attempting the difficult task of saving Vanessa from the block. But, are The Goblins really just After Dark Crew 2.0?

The original After Dark Crew consisted of Meg, Jeff, James, and Jason. It wasn't until after Jeff was evicted that Jackie started working with them, and James' eviction was a major setback. ("The Goblins" was also the name that Meg and Jason gave to their two-person alliance). Becky was an honorary member for a short time, but now it seems like the core of the alliance is Meg, James, and Jackie. These three have been working together for weeks to try and take out the formerly powerful Sixth Sense alliance, and James evicting Clay was the first of many big game moves they would make. They may be making some big moves, but many fans think that The Goblins are making some big mistakes.

The Goblins are currently placing a lot of their trust in Vanessa, Austin, and the twins. Vanessa has agreed not to go after any of the Goblins if she wins HoH next week, but Vanessa has not always been trustworthy in the past. Fans have been taking to Twitter and other social media to express their disappointment in these three fan-favorites.

The Goblins have a difficult road ahead of them, especially if they succeed in keeping Vanessa. Not only will Vanessa be partnered with Austin, Liz, and Julia making the 4-person alliance the largest group in the house, but they may lose favor with Becky. The Goblins still haven't tried working with Steve or Johnny Mac, but as the weeks go on there are less opportunities to get numbers in the house. At this point, however, The Goblins would just be lucky to get out of all this without having a target on their back.

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Image: CBS