'Orange Is The New Black' Season 4 Spoilers Include A Totally Unexpected Couple, Per Star Diane Guerrero

Although Season 3 of Orange is the New Black only came out a couple of months ago, most people have probably marathoned the whole thing already. That leaves fans like me in quite a predicament. Orange is the New Black Season 4 probably won't debut until June 2016, so what on earth am I supposed to do until then? Well, speculate about what's to come, of course. Fortunately, star Diane Guerrero, who plays Maritza Ramos, gave Bustle some OITNB Season 4 spoilers in emojis (because everything is better in emoji-form). What they reveal about one couple, in particular, is pretty unexpected and unprecedented for the show.

While I've been decoding her emojis to the best of my ability, the actress (who is also on Jane the Virgin) has spent the show's hiatus as a partner with Marriott's #LoveTravels campaign, where she encourages people to explore what they love via traveling. She's certainly been busy, and things are bound to get even busier for her as filming for OITNB Season 4 continues. But, until we get to know for certain what to expect in the upcoming season, here are the emoji spoilers she revealed, and what I think they could mean for the future of the show.

Smiley Face, Crying Face, Heart Eyes

First things first, looks like we're going to have a roller coaster of a season. Good times, sad times, and romantic times. All par for the course on this show!

Boy, Boy

This is a show about a women's prison, and Larry is pretty much out of the picture. So, who could these two boys be? I'm guessing with all the personnel changes in Season 3 (and some seriously unfit guards), we might get two replacement correctional officers. Or, maybe Bennett shows back up with an army buddy also looking for a prison job? (Please say he's coming back. Please.)

Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl

I'm pretty sure this is the emoji representation of the fact that Litchfield is going to get a bunch of new inmates this year. In the finale we saw the bus pull up with some new faces, so the jail is probably going to be a lot more packed in Season 4.

Two Girls Kissing

Obviously there's going to be focus on a female relationship, and there's going to be happy smooching. But, which couple could it be? Will Alex and Piper get back together? (Ugh, probably. That's, like, their thing.) But, I'm actually hoping the ladies kissing refers to Poussey and Soso. They mutually struggled with depression in Season 3 but found each other towards the end. It's about time Poussey has someone who can return her feelings, and Soso deserves love too. Or, maybe it's the other new couple Crazy Eyes and Maureen, who have a strange, but sweet flirtation going.

Two Boys Kissing

OK, this is what is completely throwing me off here. There are about six guys in the cast (if that), because this is a women's prison. So, who could this kissing couple be? The male characters we've met so far haven't identified as gay at this point, so it is likely that this couple will be a new addition. Maybe it will be the two prison guards I previously speculated could join the staff? Whoever it may be, this pair will add a nice balance, since the show has primarily focused on relationships between two women. The more diversity, the better.

Lightning, Fire, Bathtub

I lied, it's actually this that is the most confusing section of emojis. It's anyone's guess whether Guerrero was being literal or metaphorical with these clues. Maybe there's a huge thunderstorm at Litchfield and lightning sets the place on fire... and then someone takes a bath? Or, maybe there's a romantic spark between two seriously hot people, but it's a forbidden love so someone has to take a cold bath to cool their emotions. I'm not sure, but at least Guerrero's given us all plenty to think about while I wait for Orange Is The New Black to come back.

Reporting by Allyson Koerner.

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