How 'Big Brother' Takeover Twists Could Have Been Edited Into The Show Better

Remember the Big Brother Takeover? Yeah, that was fun. But, if you’ve been wondering where that whole weekly twist thing went, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news: The Big Brother takeover is officially over and done with, and the word is official: Julie Chen even commented recently on the sudden change of pace in Season 17 of Big Brother, saying that there was too much going on already in the season to continue with the BB Takeover. But, now that the dust has settled from the Twin Twist and the house is back to having one HoH, I kind of miss the BB Takeover. Could the Takeover Twists have still worked into the show?

I firmly believe that, with a little editing and some pairing down, Big Brother 17 could have easily kept the takeover twists happening, making for a super exciting — and constantly changing — season. Especially now that things are back to normal in the house. I think it’s safe to say that the takeover — when it actually provided a twist — did some really interesting things for the game.

But, I don’t think the problem was the takeover. I think the problem was all of the other twists the show had going on. I don’t know why they decided to get rid of the takeover instead of, say, The Battle of the Block, but either way I think they totally could have made it work.

How? Simple…

Umm, Actually Having The Takeovers Happen?

Two weeks in and they called it quits? That doesn’t seem like enough time to give the takeover a fair shot. Maybe if, five weeks in, things were getting hairy, that would be understandable. But cutting the Takeover Twist two weeks in was pretty lame.

Have The Twists Impact The Game

Gronk’s week was more theme-y than twisty. Having random dance parties around the house didn’t do enough to get the audience involved. If the twists had been actual game-changers — switching up the power or turning the HoH into a nominated houseguest, for instance — that would have actually been interesting.

Have The Takeover Be Less Random

Like, instead of them randomly happening when that annoying song plays, how about the viewers and the houseguests know that they’re going to happen every week at the same time? Like at the HoH ceremony, for example. That would have given the viewers some nice twisty drama to look forward to and the houseguests something to agonize over in the meantime.

Get Rid Of All The Other Hoopla

If you ask me, they got rid of the wrong thing. All of that double HoH stuff and the Battle of the Block? That was never as fun or dramatic as a different twist every week could have been. Plus, now those things are gone, so we don’t have “unexpected” happening on the regular.

And if I can’t expect the unexpected anymore this season, what can I expect from Season 17 of Big Brother? Until I know, I’ll just be here hoping that they’re secretly recycling old twists or that all of the houseguests are twins or something. Because now that all of the twists are gone, I need something to hold onto!

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