What Is Tom Hiddleston Thinking In This Photo?

by Maitri Suhas

If you've ever found yourself feeling like your life would be more rich and full if you could JUST see a photo of Tom Hiddleston in I Saw The Light wearing a cowboy hat— well, I'm here to make your very specific wish come true. On Wednesday, the first photo of the 34-year old British actor as country legend and tragic figure Hank Williams was released from the upcoming biopic about the country singer, and yep — Hiddleston's wearing a cowboy hat. The Sony Classics film, which hits theaters in November, stars Hiddleston as the '50s country music icon, who sadly died far before his time at the age of 29 after long struggles with substance abuse. Elizabeth Olsen, Hiddleston's rumored real life girlfriend (or so it seems, at least), co-stars as Audrey Shepherd Williams, Williams' wife and manager.

The photo, of course, is great — just as anything featuring Hiddleston is. However, in addition to the cowboy hat, Hiddleston is also wearing a pensive expression — it looks like his mind is running at a mile a minute. What could be be thinking?

Let facts be facts, first: Hiddles looks pretty great in that hat. But, despite his stardom, Hiddleston is just a man, and that look on his face gives him away: he's deep in thought. Is he in character, or is he just wondering if he left the oven on at home? Let's take some totally wild guesses:

"I Hate To Toot My Own Horn, But I Really Do Look Marvelous In This Cowboy Hat."

You really do, Tom. You really, really do.

"What If I Can't Pull Off Williams' Accent?"

Oh Tom, you will just have to trust yourself. If you can pull off an evil Asgardian hellbent on destroying the world, you can pull off Hank Williams!

"I Hope Benedict Cumberbatch Doesn't Think My Hat Is Silly."

No WAY, dude. Cumberbatch also loves hats, as evidenced here.

"I Hope My Rumored Girlfriend Elizabeth Olsen Doesn't Think My Hat Is Silly."

Don't worry, Hiddles, I'm sure your (rumored) gal loves you even more with that hat perched on your head. Who wouldn't?

"The Loki Costume Was So Much More Fun :("

Well that's just too bad! You can put that on again later!

"I Hope I Look Like Woody From Toy Story."

What a coincidence, Hiddles — you totally do. Which is fitting, because Woody is not only a good cowboy, but also a good man.

Side note: If you were to, say, print out the photo of Hiddleston in that cowboy hat and frame it, I wouldn't judge you.

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