These Ex-'BB' Contestants' Tweets Are Amazing

by Emily Lackey

It's a question I ask myself often: what did Big Brother fans even do in the days before Twitter? It's something to think about — I mean, the show has been on the air since, like, forever, it predates a lot of our modern technology. I’ve only been watching since this season (#bbvirgin!), so I don’t have any concept of what it was like to watch the show back in the early '00s when there weren’t things like YouTube and Twitter to constantly update viewers with live feed summaries and screen grabs. Was it weird back then? Was it super suspenseful? I can’t imagine watching the show and not being able to see what the ex-contestants are up to now that they’re out of the house. What would a Big Brother eviction be if I couldn’t instantly follow it up with a Twitter follow and thorough stalking? Because, let me tell you, those ex-contestants provide just as much drama on Twitter as they did in the house. And a lot of them are not having it.

Of course, though, that’s totally the best part — them following along with the show and talking smack about the other players and how they’re playing the game. Love. It.

Here is some of the best Twitter trash-talk from the ex-contestants.


Apparently, time doesn’t heal those Clay wounds.


In rewatching the episodes he was still in the house for, Jason went off on the people plotting against him, calling them bitches and shaking his head in disgust.


Who knew Audrey had so much hate toward Becky?


Still hating on Vanessa.


Apparently, Jace is a little bitter about having his face replaced with Julia’s... and being voted out in the first week. Sorry, Jace!


Amidst a sea of sweet retweets and comments about how much he loves everyone in the house, Clay still has time to hate on Vanessa. She seems to be the only one he dislikes in this game.

Things change so quickly in the Big Brother house, it can be hard to keep up. To keep track of everything going on in the Big Brother house, check out Bustle’s very own Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room. Listen to the latest episode below, and be sure to check out future episodes on Bustle’s SoundCloud page and iTunes.

Image: CBS