Lisa Vanderpump & Lady Gaga Make Fabulous Friends & Put All Those Other 'RHOBH' Friendships To Shame — PHOTO

Step aside Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna, because the queen of all things pink, Lisa Vanderpump, has a new BFF. Based on a photo shared Thursday by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Vanderpump and Lady Gaga are friends. Apparently, the two dined together on Wednesday at Vanderpump's Pump Lounge, where they got all chummy, shared hugs, and held hands. Vanderpump even assisted Gaga when she took a tumble outside. That is what friends are for.

As you can see below, the pair took a fun selfie and shared it with their loyal followers. The pop star is obviously giving us her best "Blue Steel" pose from Zoolander, while the reality TV favorite sticks out her tongue and gets silly. Raise your hand if you love to see Vanderpump's fun side? Me too. Me too. Also, can we talk about how stunning these women are? Gor-geous.

If you didn't know, they've been friends for quite some time now, not to mention fans of each other, s, it only makes sense that they're hanging out more and letting the world bask in the gloriousness that is their friendship. If you don't see how or why they're besties, let me take some time out of my day to help you understand, because there are several reasons why Lady Gaga and Vanderpump make fabulous friends.

They're Both Music Video Stars

LadyGagaVEVO on YouTube

In early 2014 the RHOBH cast starred in Lady Gaga's "G.U.Y." music video. Perhaps that's where they really formed a strong bond.

They Both Love Their Dogs

Vanderpump loves dogs, especially her sweet pup Giggy. Well, Gaga adores her dog, too. Miss Asia Kinney is even a model. See? Even their dogs have a lot in common — they're both fashionable.

They Can Share Clothes

Their styles might be a bit different, but that doesn't mean they can't swap clothes every now and again. That's what true friends do. Can you imagine all the style advice they share?

They Support The LGBT Community

Both Gaga and Vanderpump are avid supporters of the LGBT community. They screamed for joy when the Supreme Court of the United States ruled the ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

They Support One Another

Nothing says BFFs like support. As far back as 2013, these two have supported each other's work and found pleasure in what one another brings to the entertainment industry. Also, let's applaud Gaga for scolding the SUR staff.

They're Bloody Adorable

The love between them is real, people.

And that's how they put all those other Housewives friendships to shame. Oh, and one final thought: Do you think Lisa and event planner Kevin Lee will help Lady Gage plan her wedding to Taylor Kinney? *fingers crossed*