How To Wear Your Favorite Birkies This Fall

After the Birkenstock craze that took over last summer, your closet might now be packed with those oh-so-comfy sandals. If you're wondering how to wear Birkenstocks in the fall so they don't just sit in your closet until next summer, there are plenty of ways to pull them off! With a little creativity, your Birkies will still be the perfect choice up until winter (and maybe even into winter if you're blessed with good weather all year round).

Transitioning your wardrobe from summer heat into cooler temps is fun and shouldn't be stressful at all. Just like you can make crop tops work for fall, Birkies are totally capable of making the same leap!

If you're still on the fence over whether or not to give into the Birkenstock obsession, prepare to cave. Birkenstocks are actually good for your feet, easy to clean, and even make a great cruelty-free shoe choice for vegans. Win, win, win.

And don't worry, wearing Birkenstocks doesn't automatically make you a tree-hugging hippie gal (though there is zero wrong with that). A fellow Bustle writer already shared how to style Birkenstocks without looking like a Berkeley mom, and you'd be surprised by the plethora of Birkenstock styles there actually are. #SoManyOptionsItHurts

Grab your jacket, grab your sandals, and get ready for fall.

1. With Jeans Or Pants And A Cozy Sweater

Birkenstock Mayari Sandal, $95, Nordstrom

Pairing your sandals monochromatically with a sweater and bag adds a dramatic winter-y touch.

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal, $135, Nordstrom

Or get all kinds of cozy with a big sweater and even bigger socks!

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal, $135, Nordstrom

And if it's still warm enough, bare some ankle for a super clean not-quite-autumn look.

2. With A Thick Skirt

The super cozy gym wear vibe here is dreamy and chic. Don't be afraid of socks and sandals!

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal, $135, Nordstrom

Birkies give this otherwise 100 percent cool weather outfit a playful end-of-summer kiss.

3. With A Dress

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal, $135, Nordstrom

Birkies are the perfect way to balance the sexiness of a lace dress in the daytime. Add a big cardigan for cozy, elegant warmth!

Birkenstock Gizeh Sandal, $95, Nordstrom

For daytime drama to the max, pair your sandals with a giant maxi and sweater that is basically a dress in itself. If an Olsen twin does it, you know it's gotta be good.

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