Rachel Bilson's Daughter Has Strong Hat Game

Are you ready to engage in a total "Awww!" moment? Well, you're going to get it, courtesy of one of the biggest style stars of her generation. Rachel Bilson posted a photo of daughter Briar Rose on Instagram, and she is clearly inheriting mom's sense of style. The actress shared a cute snap of Briar and her daddy, actor Hayden Christensen, blowing bubbles and enjoying a summer day.

Just like Coco Rocha's baby girl Ioni with her headbands or Harper Beckham with her real girl outfits or, of course, North West with her insanely couture creations, Briar is already well-dressed, thanks to influence, input, and inspo from mommy.

We can't see the little girl's undoubtedly adorable face. But that's beyond okay, since famous parents protecting the privacy of their offspring, as opposed to selling photos to glossies, is now a thing and a noble one at that; just ask Esmeralda, daughter of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

Even if Briar was being chased by media hounds, she would blow everyone away with her accessorizing, since her hat game is strong.

While hanging with dad, Briar was wearing a floral print bucket hat. It's a summer yellow base with pink blooms. Notice she (well, probably her mom) mixed prints with her blue and white outfit. It's so cute that I can hardly stand it.

Like I said, we only see the back of her head, but it's a cute shot. The fact that Bilson dresses her, her DNA, and the closet she will inherit are all indicators that Briar Rose will become a best-dressed celeb kid.

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bilson's floral dress here sorta matches Briar's hat.

Mom's hat game from the set of her former show Hart of Dixie was pretty strong, too!

Mom's hat game while shopping in Paris was pretty aces, as well. Bilson nabbed this topper at a vintage shop in the fashion capital of the world.

Bilson did post Briar's first Fourth of July outfit: a cute, striped swimsuit. She hasn't shared any front-facing pics of her baby girl yet and fans of Summer Roberts should be more than fine with that. Seeing the little girl's outfits and accessories is more than enough!

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Plus, check out Briar's source of inspo! Bilson's girlish style is so timeless yet trendy. It's always majorly feminine.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When Bilson is ready for her daughter, who was born in October, to make her debut to the world, she will likely do it in well-dressed fashion.