Nia's Newest 'Dance Moms' Video Totally Slays

While the moms of Dance Moms were reflecting on the drama of the second half of Season 5 during Aug. 18's reunion special, the girls had the opportunity to highlight the skills that they have. The "City of Angels" reunion special featured the usual dance routines from the past season, but Nia's Dance Moms music video for her new song "Slay" was debuted. The moms had originally seen Nia's video at the nationals dance competition (the same one that Abby Lee Miller and some of the dancers and their moms walked out of) and, during the special, fans got a first look at the cool song.

Although Nia's mom Holly almost left the reunion after a screaming match with mom Jill, the show gave Nia some time in the spotlight by showing the preview of her music video. There had been definite tension in the air before the special clip was shown, but Nia's message of positivity helped alleviate some of that. The idea behind the video is that people of all backgrounds can "slay" (kill it/nail it) and it features a group of diverse and engaging dancers — not to mention Carmen Electra, fellow ALDC member JoJo, and moms Holly and Jessalynn.

Along with showing a large portion of the video for "Slay" during the special, Nia released the official music video today. So, if you wanted to miss the bickering between the moms (but, uh, if you're a Dance Moms fans, why would you?), you can still catch Nia's video online — even if you didn't catch the special.

Although there was a lot of hostility throughout the season between Abby Lee and the moms — and the moms with each other — hopefully Nia can take some real joy in the fact that her pop career is blossoming, and her talent is finally getting its time in the spotlight.

Image: Nia Sioux/Instagram