Will Kelly Clarkson Write A Song For Her New Baby? All Of The Evidence Points To Yes

More adorable celebrity babies on the way! There has been nothing but excitement as Kelly Clarkson announced she is pregnant with her second child. The apparently off the cuff remark came during a concert when she was struggling to make it through a song. Rather than have people think she was off her game or upset, she spilled the beans, and social media did the rest of the work for her. I love this announcement style; it seems so much more effervescent and filled with love then the typical celebrity People magazine photo shoot — it's also totally on brand for Clarkson.

While there has already been plenty of speculation about the baby (we're predicting a February baby), there is one more important piece of news to get excited about: Clarkson will likely write a new song for her baby. This is fantastic news because, honestly, happy, in love Clarkson is the best kind (narrowly beating out getting over a breakup Clarkson). Seeing as she wrote "Heartbeat Song" for her first child River Rose, I think we can expect a dedication song within the year.

She may be taking a page from these other artists, who all wrote songs for their children.

1. Will Smith: "Just The Two Of Us"

WillSmithVEVO on YouTube

Before there was Jada Pinkett, Jayden, and Willow, there was Smith's firstborn son Trey Smith. Inspired by Bill Withers' and Grover Washington, Jr.'s love song, he modified it to be an ode to Trey. Pretty sweet.

2. Eric Clapton: "Tears In Heaven"

Epitaph on YouTube

Perhaps one of the most famous Clapton songs, this is also his most heartbreaking. Clapton wrote this song for his son Conor, who died after falling out of a window at 4 years old.

3. Kanye West: "Only One"

KanyeWestVEVO on YouTube

This one has all of the feels. It is a tribute to his daughter with Kim Kardashian, North West, and it is sung like a message from his late mother Donda West.

4. Lauren Hill: "To Zion"

JeNnILoVeSmUsIc1 on YouTube

The Miseducation of Lauren Hill is a classic, earning earn five Grammy awards. This track is written for her first child, and the oldest of six.

5. Jay Z: "Glory"

This track was released just two days after Blue Ivy was born. An uncharacteristically emotional song, it's all about the joys of having a child, and the heartbreak of their previous miscarriage. Intimate and personal, it's one of his best.

6. Beyoncé: "Blue"

beyonceVEVO on YouTube

Another one for baby Blue, this one from her powerhouse mother Beyoncé. Softer and sweeter than Glory, it features the famous child herself, ending with Blue Ivy joining in and asking if they can go see daddy. All together now: awwww

7. Creed: "With Arms Wide Open"

CreedVEVO on YouTube

I always thought this was a religious song, but it turns out that lead singer Scott Snapp wrote this after he found out he would be a father for the first time.

8. John Lennon: "Beautiful Boy"

This song was written by Lennon for his son Sean, his only child with Yoko Ono, on the last album released before his death.

With all of these beautiful songs to stand as examples, and "Heartbeat Song" already under her belt, the new Clarkson child is sure to be the catalyst for more great music for Clarkson's fans very, very soon.