Stella Maxwell Explains How Victoria's Secret Showcases The Angels' Individual Personalities

Stella Maxwell is one of Victoria's Secret's newest angels. You may have seen her in the news as of late because of her rumored romantic connection to Miley Cyrus. However, the angel is more than a name in the gossip column. Stella Maxwell's personality is showcased by Victoria's Secret who she says truly focus on their models and making the world see who they really are.

Maxwell was named an angel back in April of this year, and according to the stunner, the phone call letting her know that she got the gig was super surreal. In an interview with Harpers Bazaar UK, Maxwell explains, "I got a phone call from my agent and it was kind of a surreal moment. I think every girl works very hard in their career to get to a moment like that." The announcement may have been surreal for the young model, but the experience of being an angel has been different than other gigs she's had.

In an interview earlier this month with Refinery29, Maxwell explains that her role with the brand focuses more on who she is as a person. "Once they announce it, things change, because it's an accomplishment," she explained to Refinery. "It gives you a new title and status within the brand. They really promote you within the brand, so they focus on promoting your own personality. I could definitely feel the difference in responsibility."

In her Harpers Bazaar UK interview, Maxwell goes on to speak about how great the brand is to all of their beautiful models and how the attention that she's the recipient of is overwhelmingly positive. She explains, "I think you just roll with it because all of the attention, it's all good things. It's the one brand that really focuses on the girl and her personality and her individuality and they bring that into the brand." The angel has said in the past that she was "emotional" and "overwhelmed" when she got that initial phone call and apparently she was right to be so excited. I think it's so amazing how the brand doesn't blend their models together but instead allows them to be themselves.

Maxwell's experience with the brand speaks volumes about its approach to their public perception. Despite undergoing their fair share of controversy over their homogenous collection of models, according to Maxwell, the uber famous lingerie and activewear brand does encourage individuality and uniqueness. I can't really complain much about that.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images