This 'Harry Potter' Themed Classroom Will Make You Wish You Had A Time Turner To Go Back To School — PHOTOS

It's a proud day for Hufflepuffs everywhere, because one of our own has graced the world with this Harry Potter themed classroom. A Redditor recently uploaded pictures of his wife's ridiculously, beautifully, insanely perfect real life version of Hogwarts, and I'll be damned if it doesn't actually make me miss school a little bit. She has painstakingly adorned every shred of available space with references to the series, from potion vials to stuffed animal cameos of key characters to using the very font that we instantly associate with The Boy Who Lived. It's way too much for my nerdy little heart to take. We have no idea where she is or how she managed this adorable feat, but in the words of Liz Lemon, I want to go to there.

Although the teacher remains anonymous, her husband shared that she teaches a 6th through 8th grade special education class, and that yes, she is a Hufflepuff. (GO TEAM.) I've personally decided to use her design as the rough layout for every single room in my future house, so I feel like she deserves a huge thanks from me (and whatever poor souls end up trapped in there with me). Who wouldn't want their whole life to look like this?

Of course, this isn't the first time teachers have harnessed the magic of Hogwarts to teach their students or just make the world better in general. Here are a few other times people used Harry Potter as a theme to make everything better:

Harry Potter Themed Sex Ed

The class at Boston University addressed the unrealistic lack of sex in the series, and used it as a platform to discuss safe, consensual, and emotionally healthy sex.

Harry Potter Surprise Party

A woman surprised her BFF by renovating her apartment so everything was Harry Potter themed, to an absolutely Ridikkulus extent.

Harry Potter Hotel

Yeah, goodbye everyone. It's been real, but my destiny is to become the Moaning Myrtle of this hotel and never, ever leave.

Images: Warner Bros.; Imgur