7 'Pretty Little Liars' Storylines Season 6B Needs To Really Land That Time Jump

Unless you've been living under a rock with no access to social media, you know that the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 summer finale left many fans less than pleased. Not only was the "CeCe is A" reveal controversial and problematic, but we didn't exactly get all those answers we were promised. "Game Over, Charles" left me seriously angry, and yet I'm not ready to give up on Pretty Little Liars. I just really love the Liars, their significant others, and even a few of their family members (I'm not talking about you, Mr. Marin or Mr. DiLaurentis). I'm an eternal optimist and I'm hopeful that showrunners will address fans' concerns while also moving forward with the plot — because there are some things I really want to see when Pretty Little Liars returns for Season 6B.

There are some definite loose ends to tie up — we still don't know who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis and some of those "answers" seemed sloppy and poorly planned. (Sara Harvey as Red Coat and Black Widow? Seriously?) But I actually hope the PLL writers resolve these matters pretty quickly so we can focus on the futures of our Liars. I mean, they spent at least six seasons in high school being tormented by A, and I'm really eager to see where the past five years have taken them. Plus, it's time to move on to a new mystery, because the A plotline has seriously exhausted itself.

So, let's look to the future and focus on these seven things that most definitely need to happen in Pretty Little Liars Season 6B.

1. One Word — Haleb

Let's start with the obvious. I. Marlene King, listen up — you owe us lots and lots of cute Haleb scenes. I'm just not willing to negotiate on this point.

2. The Moms Have A Weekly Wine & Cheese Date

To be honest, I'm a little worried that all four moms are still stuck in the DiLaurentis' basement — and if the Rosewood PD needs to get involved in their disappearance, then we'll probably never see them again. But I like to believe that not only did the drunk moms live to fight another day, but they'll form a wine and cheese support group in Season 6B. Sure, they should probably learn from their drunken mistakes — when you're breaking into a neighbor's house to accuse him of murder, bring a cell phone with you at all times! But, that aside, the moms need some more scenes together — with a massive bottle of Cabernet, of course.

3. Sara Harvey Packs Her Bags

I'm sorry Sara, but you need to leave Rosewood STAT. I don't care where you go, I just don't want to see you featured in any scene that doesn't entail you packing up and leaving the state of Pennsylvania. If you promise to go away, I'll even overlook the fact that it makes no sense that you've been Red Coat and Black Widow this whole time. Do we have a deal? And for more on Sara Harvey, the time jump, and everything else Season 6B, check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

4. Emily Meets A Worthy Love Interest

The course of true love never did run smoothly on teen television, but Emily has been especially unlucky in the romance department. All I want is for Emily to meet a nice, normal girl who isn't a con artist and has never tried to drown her. Em is the sweetest and she totally deserves it! Here's to hoping that sunny California treated her better than Rosewood did.

5. An Effective Mental Hospital With Competent Doctors Opens

The only people on Pretty Little Liars who are less competent than the Rosewood PD are the employees of Radley. From what I gather, they didn't notice when two young patients were chilling on the roof in the middle of the night and they also thought it was totally cool to let a patient out (unsupervised!) to attend classes at an Ivy League university, and then for a summer trip to Cape May. I hope in those five years, a team of intelligent, caring doctors was able to start a new facility that would actually give help to anyone who needs it.

6. It Should Show The Long-Term Effects Of Trauma

I'm all about moving the plot forward and I want the Liars to thrive, but I think it would be unrealistic to ignore the fact that these four girls (along with Ali and Mona) have survived some seriously traumatic experiences — and that's not something you "get over" in five years. The 6B trailer shows Mona asking Spencer if she still has nightmares, so I'm hopeful that showrunners will handle the issue of PTSD in a sensitive and realistic manner. It's a great opportunity to educate viewers about something that many people are hesitant to talk about, so I really hope they do their homework and get it right.

7. So, Uh, How About All Those Answers We Didn't Get In The 6A Finale?

Look, no one wants to move on from "Game Over, Charles" more than I do. I hate to be nit-picky and I know I should be careful what I wish for... but I still want those answers I was promised! Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis if it wasn't CeCe? What's the real deal with Bethany Young? In order to have closure, fans just really need a few simple answers. And, since Pretty Little Liars has been carefully constructing this plot for three years, it shouldn't be too hard, right? Right?!

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