9 Things Every 'Bachelor' Fan Has Texted, From 'OMG' To Tearful Emojis

Being a proud resident of the Bachelor Nation is a beautiful — yet sometimes taxing — thing. I will admit that I often need to pair my viewings of ABC's The Bachelor — along with The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise — with a few libations, as I know that each episode will take me on an emotional rollercoaster ride that only romantic reality competitions can deliver. Being a true Bachelor fan also means mastering the art of multitasking. As each installment is bound to catalyze an onslaught of emotions, you need to find outlets to pour out those sudden feelings — all while also pouring an extra glass of chardonnay. I am one that takes kindly to the glory of live tweeting throughout each episode, but texting during episodes of Bachelor is also a common practice amongst fans.

"But, Tracy, why don't you just watch episodes of Bachelor with your friends and family present? That way you wouldn't have to live tweet, and text, and refresh your glass of wine all at once," says a person I just made up while writing this. To answer this hypothetical fan's query, I submit this: My sister is a reigning queen of Bachelor fandom and lives in Los Angeles. I live in Baltimore, so we have no other choice but to vent our feelings over each episode through text.

Many others find themselves in the same quandary. That being said, texting during Bachelor can cement a bond between fans that is almost as powerful if the two (or 10) fans were sitting on the same couch together — I attribute much of this to the use of emojis.

What are the most common texts Bachelor fans send to one another?

1. "NOOOOO!!!!"

During times that your favorite contestant gets eliminated, someone gets hoodwinked, or you just can't take the shade of a certain contender (hi, Joe from BiP ), all caps and a ton of exclamation points are warranted.

2. This Side-Eye Emoji

This is often used to either display your feelings during an, "Are you freakin' kidding me?" moment or to showcase your genuine indifference over one of the contestants.

3. Anything To Do With Roses

"Will you accept this rose?" has become a mantra I live by. It also makes for a great text when you can't think of anything else to say during a Bachelor scene.

4. Chris Harrison Love

The man is an adonis — amiright??

5. The Text-Version Of Drooling Over Ben H.

I lost count of the heart emojis I used to accompany each and every text I sent related to Ben H. — I'm assuming many of you did the same.

6. "I'm Crying Right Now"

By the final rose ceremony, the texts between many Bachelor fans often dissolve into admissions of sobbing and tearful emojis.

7. The Contemplative Texts

Don't even try to deny that you haven't once considered applying to be on this glorious franchise whilst entrenched in an episode.


Sometimes there is no other way to articulate your utter shock and disbelief through text than with three simple letters...ad nauseam.

9. The Amped Texts

Despite the aforementioned emotional rollercoaster this franchise tends to deliver, Bachelor fans wouldn't have it any other way.

Regardless of what type of texts you send and receive during a Bachelor viewing, one thing is for certain: There will be a lot of them.

Images: Felicia Graham/ABC; Giphy (3)