What Does Your Favorite Non-Gilmore Stars Hollow Resident Say About You?

Everyone loves the Gilmores. You will get no argument from me that Lorelai and Rory were not the heart of Gilmore Girls , but the rest of Stars Hollow was pretty awesome, too. The Connecticut hamlet was full of eccentric and lovable characters whose lives were just as rich and full of stories as our titular girls' were. From Luke's misadventures in love to Miss Patty's odes to classic Hollywood, the townies were a fascinating bunch who never failed to draw me into their lives. I bet the same is true for you.

I am sure there was one Stars Hollow character who spoke to you on a deeper level than the rest of them. I know I had my favorites who I would immediately get giddy over when they got their own subplot. The show had so many recurring characters it would be weird not to have a favorite. For the purposes of keeping this list devoted to true Stars Hollow residents, the Gilmore grandparents will be left off since they were Team Hartford all the way, as will Paris, Michel, and all of Rory's college friends. The rest of the gang is all here, though, including Jess and Dean, so I'm sure your favorite Stars Hollow citizen made the list. Are you ready to see what your fave says about your personality?

Luke Danes

You are a down to earth person with a dependable nature and an appreciation for people who wear a lot of plaid. Luke spoke to your love of the simple things in life and your devotion to friends and family. You also really love a good burger.

Lane Kim

Growing up, your parents were fairly strict, leading you to see Lane as a champion for healthy teenage rebellion. You love music and the arts in general, and you had a crush on Seth Cohen before he was Seth Cohen. Like Lane, you always dreamed of leaving small town life behind, and chances are you did with no regrets, even though Lane made a different choice.

Dean Forester

You look for strong, comforting people to surround yourself with. Adverse to drama, your idea of a good time involves going to the movies or working with your hands. There's nothing wrong with enjoying the simple things in life; in fact, it's your easygoing attitude that makes you such a dependable friend.

Jess Mariano

If you lived in a small town you couldn't wait to escape, and if you grew up in the city you never wanted to leave. You are a cultured, artistic person who believes deeply that a person's taste in music, books, art, and movies can tell you everything you need to know about them. You understand the world isn't a perfect place, and your realism makes you all the more attractive to the dreamers you meet.

Sookie St. James

Your enthusiasm for life is boundless. Whatever it is that you are passionate about tends to consume your every thought, but not to the point where you would ever neglect your friends. Everyone loves to be around you, but those closest to you know that as sweet as you are, you have quite the bawdy side deep down.

Jackson Douglas

The quintessential good sport, there's not much you won't do for those you love. However, you totally relate to Jackson when it comes to biting off more than you can chew. On the plus side, you are such a genuinely kind person, there's always someone there to help bail you out.

Mrs. Kim

You have a great amount of respect for people who are unwavering in their beliefs. Even if it's not your style, you can't help but admire someone like Mrs. Kim. Chances are you have a bit of a fiery temper yourself and you love seeing someone else who can strike fear in the hearts of everyone who crosses them.

Kirk Gleason

Eccentricity runs in your veins, and that's awesome. You recognize Kirk for the special snowflake that he is. You love to laugh, try new things, and are completely confident in who you are.

Miss Patty

You are the ultimate trendsetter. You don't follow the pack, you lead it. More than anything, you look to the icons of the past to guide you stylistically and spiritually. To you, Miss Patty is a life hero, not just a character.

Babette Dell

Saying what is on your mind is your specialty, but thankfully, you are too gentle-hearted to ever say anything rude. A bawdy joke here or there? Sure, but there's not a spiteful bone in your body. You also happen to love animals even more than you love people, which is saying a lot because you think people are awesome.

Zack Van Gerbig

Fun-loving and laid back are the adjectives of your life. Zack's simplicity always made you laugh, but you appreciated his slow lane life approach. Why be in a hurry when there are so many albums to listen to and wink-wink fries to eat?

Taylor Doose

I doubt you share much in common with Taylor, but you do love watching him fume. As a Taylor fan, you prove yourself to be unique, with a sense of humor that favors puns and slapstick. Daydreaming about making Taylor confused at a town meeting is a regular occurrence for you.


You are clearly a cool, smart person with a sharp eye if your favorite is the little-seen, but always awesome Gypsy. You have amazing taste, and a sharp sense of humor. Can we be friends?

I hope your walk down Stars Hollow memory lane revealed a little something about what your favorite resident can tell you about yourself, but even if it didn't, isn't it always fun to visit old friends?

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