Nick Jonas Lip-Syncs "Let It Go" & Proves He Loves The Song Just As Much As The Rest Of Us — VIDEO

Nick Jonas may be all grown up, but Disney still has a special place in his heart after all these years. It's no secret that the former boy-bander began his career with the movie Camp Rock , followed by the short-lived series JONAS. Proving his loyalty to the Mickey Mouse franchise, Nick Jonas was caught lip-syncing to "Let It Go" backstage at Time Warner Cable and Lifebeat's pre-MTV Video Music Awards concert in Los Angeles. Jonas performed earlier in the night and then hung around to see pal Demi Lovato rock out. That's when the magic occurred.

Fans tweeted a video of Nick Jonas singing the beloved Frozen song after it was shared on his brother Joe's Snapchat story. (This is another good reminder that what you post on social media can be immortalized forever — even if it's a 10-second video that's supposed to disappear.) It's a very brotherly move to share an embarrassing video of your sibling. But guess what? Nick doesn't seem embarrassed at all — he's totally into it. Admit it, you've probably blasted "Let It Go" and sang along at least once or twice yourself. So essentially, Nick Jonas is all of us.

In case you need some proof that this Snapchat serenade really resonated, just check out these fans' tweets.

Since there are already rumors about a Frozen sequel, I went ahead and brainstormed the perfect plot. Two musically inclined brothers befriend Elsa and Anna. Together, they'd help the sisters overcome any obstacles that affect the kingdom of Arendelle by using the power of song. Naturally Nick and Joe Jonas are made for these roles, right? Somebody PLEASE make this happen. I already went ahead and designed the movie poster.

The ball's in your court, Disney! In the meantime, I'll just be sitting here replaying this video and wishing it was longer.

Image: Jamie Primeau/Bustle (Getty Images; Walt Disney Pictures)