Meg Can Stay In The 'Big Brother 17' House, She Just Needs To Start Actually Playing The Game

Alas, poor Meg. A pawn for evictions in the past, now Meg is likely to be evicted from Big Brother 17 this week. Her competitive spirit didn't translate into competition wins or social prowess within the house, and she had to face disappointment after disappointment as she watched all of her allies (except for James) get evicted week after week. Despite her under-the-radar approach, Meg is a big target for the other houseguests, with everyone in the house trying to vote her out instead of Julia who is part of the most powerful — and obvious — alliance in the house.

Meg's gameplay has been similar to that of Victoria's strategy from BB16, which is "Don't worry about a strategy, things will work out for the best." Meg has been one of the least active players of Big Brother this season, as she found herself in alliances primarily because is fun to be around. That's certainly a good trait to have in the house, but it needs to be followed up with some true strategic moves. Meg doesn't have much time to convince the other houseguests that she deserves to stay, so she needs to start playing in a huge way if she wants to be around next week.

Become Friends With John & Steve

John, Steve, and Meg all have one important thing in common right now: They want the Austwins out. Meg has been making some questionable statements about who she would target given the chance (Apparently her main target right now is Steve), but none of these three will stand a chance as long as the Austwins are in the house. John and Steve make up 2/5 of the vote this week, so getting both of them to vote one way or the other could decide who is going home. Meg needs to lay out an argument to John and Steve, explaining why she deserves to stay over Julia.

Pleading With Vanessa

Like it or not, Vanessa has been dominating Big Brother this season. If Vanessa wants someone to be evicted, then she will do everything in her power to make sure that comes to fruition. Although Vanessa can't vote as the HoH, getting her to decide that evicting Julia would be better for her game could be what saves Meg's Big Brother life. Meg offering allegiance with Vanessa against the Austwins could also help Vanessa and the others finally go after the trio, and send them to the jury house.

Make A Big Scene & Confuse The Houseguests

Meg has a reputation for being a calm, collected, and pretty relaxed person. She hasn't lied or attempted to manipulate anyone in the Big Brother house — which means if she did decide to start lying and manipulating people, there would be no reason for people to think she was being deceitful. She could start a fight with James to confuse the other houseguests and make John and Steve think the Austwins had a deal with James (which means it would be smarter to vote Julia out). Meg could tell Austin that Julia was planning on evicting him so that he wouldn't be around Liz, causing him to get paranoid and overprotective and evict Julia. Meg's best option right now is to go nuclear and start causing chaos in the house.

Something, Anything

Meg's relaxed personality is shining through even as she's on the block. Although she's been having a few conversations about the possibility of staying, she hasn't spent too much time trying to think of ways to save herself. She seems to have accepted her fate and is ready to leave. It's easy to understand, as the jury house seems a lot more fun at this point than staying in the actual Big Brother house.

It seems likely that this is Meg's last week on Big Brother. At least if she leaves, we'll always have the fond memories of Meg falling on her face, her adorable flirtship with James that saved audiences from constant Lizten grossness, and of course, the never-ending glory that is Meg drunkenly hitting on Clay. Thanks for everything, Meg.

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