What Happens To Radley In 'Pretty Little Liars' Time Jump? It May Be Getting A Huge Makeover

Pretty Little Liars Season 6A may be done and over with, but that doesn't mean fans have to stop thinking about it. Oh no. Quite the opposite, actually. Though the Big A mystery has been solved, there's never a shortage of theories lurking around in Rosewood. Thanks to the teaser trailer for Pretty Little Liars Season 6B, I'm already thinking up all sorts of scenarios for our Liars, and have settled on a time jump theory that suggests one Liar is already killing it, career-wise, in the future. The preview doesn't reveal too much information to work with, but we do know for certain that when we next see the Liars, it'll be five years later, and at some point, Pretty Little Liars will return to Radley.

I know what you're thinking, "the crooked mental institution that was shut down and sold while the Liars were in the dollhouse?" Yes, that's the one. If you've watched the trailer for Season 6B as many times as I have (which is probably too many times), you may have noticed that it actually takes us back to Radley, right there in the preview. When the Liars meet up again, over drinks, they're actually sitting in a bar/restaurant that, based on a sign on the wall behind them, appears to be called "The Radley." Check it out in the still below.

So how did Radley go from an abandoned, dilapidated institution to this trendy spot? We know that the Carissimi Group, which CeCe apparently controlled, bought the building at the beginning of Season 6A and owned it when CeCe went back there with Alison and tried to blow it up (remember that time Spencer diffused a bomb?). I think that whole event forced the Carissimi Group to sell off Radley, to someone who decided to tear it down and start from scratch.

I'm willing to bet that Radley has either been either completely demolished or refurbished, especially because the trailer, shown below, is giving me real mental-instruction-turned-hotel vibes. Repaint the walls, add some new fixtures, and suddenly Rosewood has its new go-to hot spot. It's clearly where the Liars find themselves in the future, and I think it's because one of them actually owns The Radley now: Hanna.

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There are unconfirmed spoilers that suggest Hanna and Caleb have split up in the future, and she is engaged to someone else (because love is dead). Even though that tragedy may have befallen them, I'd assume that Hanna kept her go-get-'em spirit, aced everything in college, and is now incredibly successful. I mean, it's Hanna. Would you expect anything less?

I also think that Hanna was able to cut some sort of deal with the Carissimi Group. Remember, they gave her a scholarship. Then of course she gave it back, as Caleb promised to cover the cost of her tuition. But clearly, that didn't work out so well. Hanna would have needed money from somewhere else, and she could have gone back to the Carissimi Group. Or, even just through her connection to Carissimi, she learned that Radley was going up for sale and/or auction, and seeing something with great potential, was able to come into possession of it. Can't you just see Hanna and her mom totally taking control of Radley, and re-doing it?

In the quick shot we see of The Radley, the Liars appear to be the only people there. That's odd, but maybe it's not so odd if they're hanging out at an off-time, because Hanna has the keys to the place. Of course she'll let her friends come and hang out at the bar whenever they're in town. She's also dressed a little bit fancier than the rest of the girls, in her all-white ensemble, and that makes me think she's either just left work, or is heading to it. When you own The Radley, you have to dress the part. If Pretty Little Liars does split up Haleb in the time jump and still wants our support, turning Hanna into one badass, business-owning lady would be a good place start.

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Images: Eric McCandless, Screengrab/ABC Family