Who Is James' Ex-Girlfriend? The 'Big Brother 17' Houseguest Has A Super Supportive Former Partner

When you go into the Big Brother house you have to cut off all contact from your friends and family. For some, that's not that hard to do, but for others, the struggle is real. For Big Brother 17 's prankster James, family is very important which was evident on Wednesday's episode, when James gave a shoutout to his daughter Baleigh after winning the Veto competition. But, who is James' ex-girlfriend, the mother of Baleigh? As it turns out, James has a very caring ex, and her support of James inside the Big Brother house is pretty amazing.

When James first arrived in the house he gave a shoutout to his close friends and family, and his ex Bree Elaine Poole was one of those people. They may not be together anymore, but they seem to be pretty close friends judging by her enthusastic Twitter presence. Her account goes by the name Bree #BB17 TeamJames (@bree_elaine23) and seems to be dedicated just to James' time in the Big Brother house. Check out Bree's bio on Twitter that proves that she's not only a supportive mother, but also a supportive ex.

Mother of current BB17 houseguest James' daughter Baleigh!

Although it's not confirmed, it's very likely the account is indeed run by Bree herself. All of James' IRL friends follow her and talk to her. If it's real, then James sure is lucky because he and his ex seems like his biggest cheerleader. Don't we all wish our exes would set-up a Twitter account (and a Facebook one!) in our honor and sing our praises? Here are some of the most supportive tweets and FB messages from Bree's accounts.

When She Shared James' Shoutout

Doesn't get much more personal than this from inside the Big Brother house.

When She Shaded Vanessa

Bree clearly shares the same opinion that James has about Vanessa.

When She Questioned James' Feelings

Hmmm... could there be a rekindling romance in the future?

When She Said She Loved Meg

Ditto, Bree.

When She Spoke To James' Character

Again, don't we all wish our exes would say things like this about us?

When She Shared This Adorable Photo Cheering James On

Their little family is too cute! James is one lucky guy to have Bree's unconditional support, even though they're no longer together.

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Image: Sonja Flamming/CBS