Will Tanner Propose To Jade On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? It Wouldn't Be The Show's First Engagement

If you've kind of forgotten that Jade and Tanner are a thing on Bachelor in Paradise , don't worry — me too. Between the ridiculous amount of drama that Samantha brought to Mexico with her, Joe flying off the handlebars, and Ashley I.'s never-ending quest for Jared's heart, there are a lot more exciting things happening every week. There just isn't time to feature sweet moments between a low-key couple that's actually getting along, and I can't fault the show for that. But, now that we've reached the end of the season, it's time to start paying attention, because there's a very good chance that Tanner will propose to Jade on the Bachelor in Paradise finale.

I'll keep the spoilers out of this, because I know not everybody is into ruining the ending by obsessing over Reality Steve's every word. But, in trying to figure out whether or not this engagement is going down, you don't need spoilers. It's obvious that things are heading in a positive direction for these guys, and the preview for the finale featured an engagement ring. It's not hard to imagine that Janner could be the couple sealing the deal.

It might be crazy to think that people can get engaged and decide to spend the rest of their lives together after just a few weeks, but if these clues mean anything, I'm pretty sure it's happening.

Their Relationship On The Show Is Flawless

They get along, they seem to really care about each other, and their one-on-one date was adorable. Tanner and Jade both had pretty crappy luck on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, but they're definitely making up for lost time now. They're good for each other, and nothing that the cameras have let us see so far points to anything but a happily ever after by the time the finale ends on Monday night.

Their Social Media Posts Are So Cute

It might just be me, but if I went on a reality show, fell in love with someone, and it ended badly, I would not post gushy photos of us from the show on Instagram while the episodes were airing. Tanner and Jade have nothing but sweet things to say about each other, which leads me to believe they're still together right now.

That Time Jade Was In Tanner's Hometown

God bless you, Periscope. A couple of weeks ago, Jade accidentally showed her followers that she was in Kansas City during a stream — NBD, if Kansas City wasn't also where Tanner lives. Why would you go visit the guy if you weren't still happily together? I rest my case.

If this engagement thing does happen, I'm so ready for it. After watching Juelia's heartbreak (and Ashley I.'s... and Ashley S.'s...) I need to see some good come out of BiP — and Janner's happy ending just might be it.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC