Will 'Homeland' Season 4 Include Our Beloved Saul Berenson (and His Beard)?

After the breakneck season finale of Homeland (oh jeez that was maybe the wrong word choice there, huh?), a lingering question ran through our heads, surged by the fear of the potential of what could end up being worst-news-ever. With Saul Berenson's departure from the CIA — moving to New York City to cash in on that sweet, sweet private sector money — would we ever see the greatest beard in the history of modern beards back on television again?

Yes! It seems so! So breathe a sigh of relief. The Showtime series' executive producer confirmed in an interview that Saul would indeed be on board for season two: and probably still working with Carrie in some capacity, to boot! I don't care if you were an asshole, Patinkies — your continued beardfluence over Homeland makes you forever redeemed.

It was scary there at first though, to be sure. All the not-knowing, all the unease that started with the removal of said facial hair. Patinkles' newly shaven face was an arresting sight to behold. I mean, let's not mince words here: that shit was impressive — it had real gravitas. It controlled minds, brought terrorists to their knees. His beard had a real fullness to it, a weight; an identity all its own. That beard was Saul; to see it go marked a sea change for the actor, and it caused us great concern. Is it even possible to live in a Homeland world without Mandy Patinkin (and also his beard) to steer Carrie's ship straight?

Luckily, we won't have to find out. At first, we were like this:

That is... until he walked away. That's when it hit us.

Oh god, could this be goodbye for real?

So we spent all night worrying about the future of America's Greatest Walking Follicle Fête®.

But in the end, our prayers were answered. And everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

Images: FuckYeahMandyPatinkin [4]; GFLN [1]/Tumblr