Is Austin Playing 'Big Brother' As Judas?

In case you haven't kept up with the times, alter-egos have become the new vogue. You have Beyoncé , Sasha Fierce, and Yoncé . You have Nicki Minaj and Roman Zolanski. And, in a slightly more repulsive alter-ego duo, we have Austin and Judas on Big Brother 17. Austin Matelson a.k.a. Judas Draven has made waves with his less-than-favorable showmance and questionable strategic gameplay on Season 17 of Big Brother. Austin is well-versed in trickery as his professional wrestling careers depends on his ability to masquerade and deceive the audience into believing in his alter-ego. His skill at metamorphosis begs the question: is Austin playing Big Brother as Judas?

Though Judas has been heretofore marked by the top hat, they say to expect the unexpected in Big Brother and what would be more unexpected than if Judas learned to fly without his proverbial top-hatted wings? Austin his been a devious player from Day 1 (just ask his girlfriend Jen) and just because he's newly wifed up with Liz doesn't mean that his mischievousness has stopped.

Austin gets a special kick out of using Judas as an excuse to do what he isn't bold enough to do as himself. Is it too much to argue that Austin might being playing the majority of Big Brother as Judas? After all, Big Brother is about big moves and masterful deception. Could there be a more epic game move than a long con in which a Big Brother houseguest plays the entire game as his wrestling alter-ego? Let's take a look at a few of the times that Austin could have been playing BB as Judas.

When He Sold Out Julia To Jason

He wrote this off as a 'mistake' but this seemed like a pretty cut-and-dry deception on Austin's part.

When He Voted For Jace In Week 1

The house was almost unanimous in their vote to get Jace out in Week 1 of BB and Austin knew that. Yet he purposefully chose to vote to keep Jace in the hopes that his single vote would case doubt on the rest of the houseguests and make everyone else think Audrey was America's player.

He Said He Loved His Girlfriend... And Then Said He Lied And Said She Was Just Strategy

And then rounded second base hard with Liz.

When He Campaigned Against The Twins

Not staying so true to your alliances there, Judas.

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Image: CBS