Miley's More Normcore Than You Think

Her current take on what's considered fashion might not be everyone's cup of tea, but there have been several times when Miley Cyrus dressed normcore and totally nailed it. While the pop star's wild and crazy outfits at the 2015 VMAs ranged from space age suspenders, to a red lip skirt, to a rainbow flag dress, some of her everyday getups are less costume-y and more Contempo Casuals (RIP). Cyrus' normcore wardrobe over the years includes basic, wearable clothing items that don't necessarily make a fashion statement, but still reflect her confident and unique personal style.

If you've ever scrolled through Cyrus' Instagram photos, you will find yourself in a dizzying world full of candy coated, nipple-freeing, pizza-craving images. Lots of pizza. But somewhere between these and pictures where Cyrus has Photoshopped her face on other celebrities, there are also plenty of pictures thrown in of the "Dooo It!" singer wearing ordinary clothes that billions of people wear. Wearing comfy t-shirts and jeans, classic Chuck Taylors, and even grungy flannel, Cyrus is definitely more normcore than most people give her credit for. In a candid interview in Marie Claire 's September issue, Cyrus talked about the power of being normal over striving for perfection.

"When you look at retouched, perfect photos, you feel like shit," she said. "They lighten black girls' skin. They smooth out wrinkles. Even when I get stuck on Instagram wondering, Why don't I look like that? It's a total bummer. It's crazy what people have decided we're all supposed to be."

A champion of celebrating one's weirdness and normalcy with equal dedication, let's take a look back at 16 times when Miley Cyrus went totally normcore:

Pretty In Pink

Cyrus does understated with just a touch of sass in this outfit.


She looks comfy and ready to rock in a White Sox jersey and iconic Chuck Taylors.

Grunge Match

Cyrus channels '90s grunge with a red flannel shirt, rock tee, and jean shorts.

Red, White, & Blue

The singer goes patriotic in a blue button-up shirt and white drawstring pants, which she accessorized with a red bandanna.

Suspender Chic

This is like a safe-for-work version of her metallic Versace outfit at the VMAs red carpet.

Comfy & Casual

Aside from the crazy hat, Cyrus' outfit is pretty normcore.

Down-Home Style

She's a little bit country in her overalls (and the red bandanna is back).

LBD Love

Cyrus could be mistaken for Rookie 's Tavi Gevinson in this LBD and metallic platform sneaks.

Sporty Spice

Her athleisure game is on point in this pic with her proud parents.

Mountain Miley

What else would you wear while hiking with Wayne Coyne?

Black & Blue

The singer looks effortless in a simple black shirt and ripped jeans.

Bucket Head

Only Cyrus could pull off a sweater onesie with a bucket hat.

Dots & Stripes

Did I mention that Miley loves posting about pizza on Instagram?

Oh My Glasses

Cross her and she'll read you to filth, hunty.

All-Star Style

From Tennessee to Hollywood, Cyrus' fashion is hardly one-note.

Throwback Miley

Doing normcore since 2006.

Images: marieclairemag, mileycyrus/Instagram (17)