Fans React To Jon Hamm Being Single

By now you have surely heard the news that Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt have ended their relationship after 18 years. This is a sad time for the former couple, but an interesting time for fans of Hamm. Many fans have taken to Twitter to react to Hamm's newly single status and the results are varied to say the least. While some fans are proclaiming "love is dead" (and who could argue with them after this summer of fallen celeb romances?), others are pleased that Hamm is "on the market."

Hamm has long been considered a Hollywood heartthrob, so it is not exactly surprising to see many fans gleeful at the thought that he is available. I'm sure it is all in good fun though because reveling in someone else's breakup is definitely not cool. It is hard not to think about what a single Hamm means though, given how long he and Westfeldt have been together. Their relationship was actually as old as Hamm's career (his first role was in an episode of Ally McBeal in 1997), so fans and Hollywood have never witnessed a bachelor Hamm. Because of this emotions are mixed, with some Tweets expressing heartbreak over the breakup and others full of curiosity about what the future holds for Hamm.

Utter Disbelief

There are some celeb couples that seem doomed from the start, but Westfeldt and Hamm felt like they were in it for the long haul. It's no wonder many fans are shocked by the news of their breakup.

Proposing Hamm Start A Bromance With Another New Bachelor

I think Kermit and Hamm would be good for each other actually.

Perfect Gif Use

This does seem to be the general consensus.

Distrust Of The State Of All Unions

Yep, Hamm's breakup definitely singles the end of all future romances. No one is safe, guys.

Flawless Silliness

This Twitter user wins the award for most creative Hamm related Tweet.

Eternal Optimism

Now Hamm can date all the people! Probably not, but I like this user's optimism and Journey song referencing.

Good-Natured Propositioning

Hey, he's just Tweeting what everyone else is thinking.

The Requisite PSA

The more you know...

Unbridled Enthusiasm

At least Hamm's new singleness has triggered an uptick in overall morale?

And Back To Heartbreak

OK, so this is personal heartbreak, but still.

These are just a few of the reactions to Hamm's breakup. While this is surely a sad time for the actor, the news has proven his fans are not only devoted, but they have quite the sense of humor as well.