Chrissy Teigen's Latest Gym Outfit Is Unusual

When it comes to accepting herself and being open about all of her quirks (like licking the seasoning off of Doritos), nobody does it quite like this super model. Chrissy Teigen wore Spanx to the gym, because she makes unconventional style choices and still slays. And she’s not afraid to call herself out about her questionable fashion decisions, either. So, if you thought wearing Spanx out in public was a no no, you weren’t channeling your inner Teigen, that’s for sure.

From eating Twizzlers on set to embracing her stretch marks, she doesn’t do things the “normal” way, and that’s why I love her so much. Her body positivity kicks butt, and that definitely affects her fashion choices. She is one of the only celebs that I know that goes from red carpet glam to eating spaghetti in bed and documents it on Instagram. If that doesn’t make her the absolute coolest woman around, then I don’t know what does.

See how Teigen flawlessly transforms shape-wear to gym-wear, plus seven other times she’s killed it with her unconventional style choices, because nothing pairs better with fashion than a side of confidence, you know what I mean? This super model definitely does.

She knows how to improvise.

1. Twizzler Time

Teigen's the only person who could make Twizzlers look this good.

2. Cry-Eat Face

She even looks gorgeous while crying and eating. She's clearly mastered the cry-eat face. I've got to practice that. Anybody have some pie?

3. Lounging

This isn't the typical way to tan, but I mean, hey, why not?

4. Airplane Facial

I bet you've never seen facials on a plane.

5. Late Night Snack

We've all been there.

6. Glamour Shot

Because there's no better time to take a pet selfie than while getting your hair dyed, right?

7. Unretouched

Teigen boldly goes without Photoshop because she's just that confident.

That's it. She convinced me. I'm wearing Spanx to the gym from here on out.