19 'Pretty Little Liars' Memes To Help You Get Through The Show's Unbearably Long Hiatus

Waiting for that majorly monumental Pretty Little Liars ' Big A reveal was one of the most challenging things I've ever been tasked with doing as a television viewer — until now. The ABC Family mystery series finally revealed that Big A is Cece Drake, and closed the book on the A story line. But, while I may have marked that Tuesday in August on my calendar the moment the series announced its timeline for Season 6A, the feeling that I got once that day came and went was almost as hard to cope with as waiting for the Big A reveal to arrive was. Sadly, waiting for Season 6B to start up again won't be easy: without a Halloween or Christmas episode on the horizon, PLL fans will have to wait until new episodes arrive this winter. How can loyal fans pass the time? Simple: With Pretty Little Liars memes, of course.

We might not get to tune in to Pretty Little Liars every Tuesday, but that doesn't mean that the fan base is cool with staying silent about their favorite show. One easy way to crush the pain associated with the lack of Pretty Little Liars is to laugh about it — which is exactly what fans are doing over these hilarious PLL-related memes. Want a good laugh before you go back to missing PLL? Check out these memes to get you through the hiatus:

1. When Kanye Interrupted The Big A Reveal

To be fair, at least we knew who Ezra was at the time.

2. When You Realized That Cece Was The Worst Friend Ever:

Hey, at least Mona wasn't related to Hanna, too.

3. When You Were Spencer During That Final Emison Scene

Yeah, I'm thinking that Ali and Emily are officially a no-go.

4. When You Realized That Jason Needs To Expand His Dating Pool

Can you somehow specify that you're looking for "people who don't share a good chunk of my DNA" on your OKCupid page? Seems necessary.

5. When Sara Was The Worst

Her fan nickname isn't "Shower Harvey" for nothing.

6. When Jessica DiLaurentis Was The Real Boss Lady

And I. Marlene King made Mrs. DiLaurentis, so, technically, she's A's grandma.

7. When You Secretly Wished This Was Aria's Real Work

Hanna isn't the world's most elegant dancer, but damn it, she's committed.

9. When There Was A Crossover Episode Of Your Dreams

I shudder to think what would happen to Cece had she put The Vampire Diaries' Damon in her dollhouse...

9. When This Image Haunted Your Nightmares

Scarier than anything that has happened in any PLL Halloween episode.

10. When Aria Summed Up How You Felt Before The Big A Reveal

Because, let's be real: Who saw that Big A reveal coming?

11. When Emily Went All Nicki Minaj On Sara

Slow clap for the creator of this meme.

12. When No One Got Why Lorenzo Was A Thing

And as per usual, the girls date someone totally out of the appropriate age range.

13. When You Realized Ali Doesn't Know What YOLO Even Is

Mona probably can't relate, either.

14. When Toby Was Elsa

Thank God this scene didn't make me cry as much as the real movie did.

15. When You Realized Your Love Life Will Never Suck As Much As Emily's

Hey, girl, maybe you can give Samara a call? She was nice!

16. When You Remembered The Moms Never Got Out Of That Basement

Umm... maybe someone should make sure they're okay.

17. When There Was This Reminder Of Hanna's Shoplifting Past

A true throwback to when Hanna was on Rosewood Mall's most wanted list.

18. When You Realized This Truth About Jason

Hey, don't count Jason out just yet: we still have a few more seasons to go.

19. When A And Red Coat Were Totally BFFs

Aww. They're just the cutest.

Let these memes remind you that there is an end to all of this waiting... and that you can laugh your way through the hard times. We'll see you in January, PLL!

Image: ABC Family