Your Guide To Following NYFW When You're Not In NY

Well, folks, the best time of year is upon us. Not your birthday, not Christmas — no, NYFW has finally arrived, and you're going to need a checklist to handle the biggest fashion event of the year, even if you're only watching from afar. Just because you can’t necessarily be in New York doesn’t mean you have to miss out on any of the action. With all that’s going on, keeping up with NYFW can be difficult (even if you are in the heart of it all), so you’re going to need a game plan.

While you’re lamenting the fact that you aren’t getting snapped by street style photographers, make sure that you’re not missing out on who is by having a strategy. There’s going to be plenty of content about all of the street style and the shows online, but there’s no way you can read everything — no matter how much you may want to do just that. Knowing what kind of content you’re looking for will really help narrow down which publications you’ll want to be paying the most attention to. Once that's figured out — you’ve got to move on to Instagram. Luckily, there’s an entire section of the social media platform that’s entirely devoted to NYFW.

Follow this checklist to make staying on top of all the fashion news this week a little bit easier. This will predict what you’ll wear in 2016 — no pressure, right?

1. Know What Type Of Information You Want

Are you looking for reviews of the runway shows? Do you just want some funny commentary about quirky items like, oh, I don't know, fur slippers? No matter what you're looking for, there's a publication that will give you exactly that. Vogue is great for runway reviews, while other places (like us here at Bustle) are going to pick up on some of the zany aspects of the shows. If you want to live stream, head on over to New York Fashion Week Live.

2. Know Which Shows You Care About

Now that you know the kind of information you want, take a look at the list of shows and pick which designers you have to see and when they present. Then, mark your calendars accordingly! That way, nothing you really care about will slip through the cracks.

3. Know Which Instagram Feeds To Follow

It definitely helps that there's a curated list of NYFW photos on Insta this year, but you may want to still pick a few street style/designer accounts to follow so that you aren't missing out on behind the scenes action, etc. For great individualistic styles check out the_line_up and le21eme.

4. Pay Attention To Trends

OK, so I know this is a lot, but on top of everything else you're going to want to remember to take note of any trends you're noticing. I promise, this will pay off because you'll be able to plan what you'll be wearing to months to come!

5. Plan Out Your Outfits

Even though you won't be on the streets of NY, you can still have some fun with your clothes this week. Make sure your OOTD game is on point by planning what you'll wear in advance. You never know, you could be just fancy enough to get an invite to NYFW next year (goals!).

Enjoy fashion week from afar with these five steps as your guide. I know I will be!

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