7 Reasons Working At 'Chuck's Buy More Would Be The Most Awesome Retail Job Ever

At some point in life, almost everyone ends up working a retail job and, let's be honest: those suckers can be soul-crushing if you don't end up at a store with fellow employees you actually want to spend time with. Retail jobs don't always send people into a downward spiral of sadness, but dealing with angry customers, the monotony of stocking shelves, and cleaning bathrooms can get to even the most cheerful of people sometimes. Enter Chuck 's Buy More, the greatest retail job on Earth, even without the spy shenanigans.

The Buy More was a place of pranking, Nerd Herd cars, sandwich eating contests, and wonderfully unique people who could fuel priceless work stories for years after you left the big box store behind. Sure, Jeff could be a tad bit unsettling, and Lester was on the intense side, but think of all the impromptu Jeffster concerts you could attend. Plus, you would get to hang out with Chuck, Morgan, and Anna every single day, ride in the Nerd Herd cars, and Big Mike would be your boss. The actual job isn't even half bad — who doesn't want to spend his or her whole day recommending movies, CDs, and computers to people?

Need more convincing? Here is why working at the Buy More would be way more fun than your typical retail job.

1. The Nerd Herd Cars

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Technically, the green shirts weren't supposed to drive the (insanely awesome) Nerd Herd cars, but, no matter what department you worked in, you could surely con someone into letting you ride in the Buy More's instantly recognizable cars. Even without a fantastic spy chase scene, the Nerd Herd cars scream cool, and they are the ultimate symbol of being firmly team geek.

2. The Co-Workers

The Buy More team was full of kooky characters. While spending too much time around Jeff and Lester probably wouldn't be good for anyone, hanging with Morgan and Chuck would be a nonstop day full of geekery and hilarity. Then, there's Anna when you need a little edge in your afternoon, and Big Mike for when you need some confidence boosting. Being part of the gang would be like being part of a secret club.

3. The Group Activities

Where else are you going to get a job where there are cage fights, sandwich eating contests, and covert spy missions?

4. The Pranks

Between the marlin stealing and the attempts to scare each other silly, the Buy More peeps had major pranking skills. Not only would that mean everyday would be full of the unexpected, but you would have to up your creativity to keep up with your co-workers (while keeping the pranks tame enough that Big Mike wouldn't fire you).

5. Free Jeffster! Concerts

Imagine going into working thinking it was a completely normal day, and being treated to a concert from the coolest rock cover band ever. That, my friends, is how you have an exceptional day at work.

6. Lunch Breaks At The Wienerlicious

Right across the street from the Buy More is the Wienerlicious. Even if you hate hot dogs, your chances of being best friends with Sarah would increase exponentially with each visit, and who doesn't want to be BFFs with Sarah Walker?

7. The Holiday Events

No one does a party like the Buy More. Sure, there are lots of hostage situations and government infiltrations between the typical holiday events, but, at the end of the day, hanging with the Buy More gang while in costume and eating Christmas cookies would be worth all the crazy that came with it.

The best workplaces feel like a family, and the Buy More had the ultimate family atmosphere. Even when they were teasing each other, the employees had each other's backs. When a retail job feels solid and fun, it suddenly becomes a great place to go to work each day.

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