12 Reasons There Should Be 2 Bachelors Even Though Ben H. Is A Total Catch

There isn't much on television right now that I feel like my opinions could conceivably improve, but one of those shows is The Bachelor . I'm not knocking what they've created, because it's a mesmerizing social experiment, but I'm curious as to what would happen if they had two Bachelors next season to mirror what the show did with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson in the most recent season of The Bachelorette. The season kicked off with having both women on, with the male contestants choosing between them. After coming out of the limo and greeting both women (sometimes with identical dialogue, cough cough Tony cough cough!), each man was instructed to get to know both Britt and Kaitlyn throughout the cocktail party, voting with a rose for which one he'd like to stay at the end of the evening.

As I'm sure we all know, the men chose Kaitlyn, and we went on to have a great season that ended in her engagement to Shawn Booth, so we officially have proof that leaving the decision to the contestants works out. And, while I'm well aware that I'm late to the game here, and that Ben Higgins has already been chosen as the Bachelor, that sounds more like a them problem than a me problem. If they really wanted to put on a helluva show, they'd slap another guy in there to vie for Bachelordom, and here are 12 reasons why that's exactly what they should do.

1. So We Can Make This Twist More Even

If the women have to come in not knowing whether they're committing to one night as the Bachelorette or a whole season, then why shouldn't the dudes have to do the same?

2. Because Some Of Us Aren't That Attracted To Ben Higgins

Sorry not sorry, but he's maybe a little too vanilla for me? I would've at least liked another option, and I can't be the only woman who thinks that.

3. So The Women Could've Chosen Someone Older If They Wanted

There's been a lot of talk about how Ben, at just 26 years old, is tied for the youngest Bachelor ever, and might not be ready to settle down and start a family. For that reason, I'm expecting a lot of really young faces on the women's side for his season, like 21- and 22-year olds. I suspect having an older man as another option would've stretched that age range a bit, in a good way.

4. So We Could've Had A Ben Showdown

Imagine Ben Z. and Ben H. in BATTLE OF THE BENS. And they're both so different that I honestly don't know which of them would've been chosen!

5. Because Jared Just Figured Out His Facial Hair

After all Chris Harrison's poking and prodding to help Jared figure out that scraggly little beard, if we can call it that, Jared finally learned that a little more close-shaven is the right look for him. Seems a shame to waste all that newfound knowledge on not potentially being the Bachelor.

6. Because We Could've Had A Vill

If there's one thing we learned from the last season of The Bachelorette, it's that villains gotta vill! And some women really are attracted to that over the nice guy, so it would've been interesting to see if someone like JJ or Clint got more votes than Ben.

7. We Could've Thrown Ian In There Just To Embarrass Himself

After all his talk about how he should've been the Bachelor, watching him condescend to women all night and then not get picked would've been a dream. Wipe that entitled smirk right off his face.

8. We Could've Brought Nick Back For One Last Hurrah

What's that old saying? Third time's the charm, right? Or at least the thing that gets you onto Dancing with the Stars.

9. What If Chris Harrison Gets In On It

Can't breathe, too excited at this prospect.

10. You Get A Really Good Look At Everyone's Character

When you get to see the contestants go from having all the power and choosing the Bachelor, to being in a position of vulnerability then once one person has emerged victorious, you really get to see their whole range of personality in one night. You get to see if they behave responsibly when they lose that power, like Jared did to Kaitlyn when he came clean about voting for Britt, or just try to float under the radar like Jonathan, who came in hot for Britt but stayed even after she lost.

11. It Gives You A Great B-Story

Remember how Brady left to follow Britt, and they had themselves a fairytale romance for a few episodes?

12. It Causes Conflict Right Away

And what do reality shows love more than drama? Answer: nothing.

No matter what you expect from The Bachelor next season, this isn't it, so here's hoping that they throw us all for a loop and have two Bachelors next season. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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