Lady Gaga Is Playing Assistant At NYFW

Lady Gaga is certainly not above rolling up her sleeves when it comes to fashion and the pop diva remains a student of style. Years ago, Gaga even applied to intern for milliner Philip Treacy. Want further evidence? Lady Gaga served as an "assistant" for her stylist Brandon Maxwell during NYFW.

It was Maxwell's first showing, so Gaga was intricately involved and lending a helping hand (or 10) to make sure everything went according to plan. Of course, she documented the process on Instagram, pulling Little Monsters into the Gaga x Maxwell x NYFW orbit.

Can you think of a better assistant during a huge professional "get" like showing at NYFW?

Gaga demonstrated some serious love for (and dedication to) the man who helps put her look together. I love that Gaga doesn't pull rank and doesn't think that turning the tables and supporting the key members of her team is beneath her.

Big ups to the singer, who was recently dissed for her bowl cut baby bangs. She looked out for a key member of the Haus of Gaga.

Let's walk through a day in the life of Gaga-as-assistant! She was actually quite artful with her IG photo documentation, using the black and white filters for most of the pics.

Her name is not Gaga, got it? She is not a global pop star. She is a helper. It reminds me of her "other" alter ego, Jo Calderone. Gaga can shapeshift for the situation at hand. BTW, is that a Slipknot shirt? Her reign of rock tees continues!

This is the assistant life. The mobile office is how assistants survive. Haven't you ever seen The Devil Wears Prada? Gaga did it fashionably, with gold chains, round glasses, and a tee promoting her main man. The only thing missing is a steaming cup o' Starbucks.

The team with their NYFW survival tools. Not healthy, but... it's reality.

Forget sleep. The "F" in NYFW can also stand for "fun" for his tireless crew.

More insider intel and another tool of the trade.

Almost "go" time.

More behind-the-scenes action.

Maxwell gifted his models with these lovely blooms! Aw. What a great "boss." Maybe he learned that move from his own boss, who was now serving as his assistant?

These beauties bring the clothes to life.

It's almost show time.

If you've ever watched Project Runway, you know last-mintue sewing and non-glam tasks happen amid the beautiful chaos, always.

You are truly an assistant when you have a clipboard and headset. Gaga had the headset.

Whew! There you have it! A bird's eye view of backstage at a NYFW show, courtesy of Lady Gaga, assistant extraordinaire.

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (12)