How Long Will 'BB17's Liz & Austin Last?

by Emily Lackey

If there’s one thing you can expect from the Big Brother house — aside from the unexpected — it’s that not much lasts longer than a season. The furniture changes, the houseguests come and go, and showmances end as quickly as they began... especially this season. For instance: When Austin and Liz made their flirtation official and became LizTin, they joined the ranks of a ton of showmances who came before them.

But the big question on everyone’s mind isn’t whether Liz or Austin will make it until the final two. It’s whether or not the two houseguests will be able to maintain their love outside of the Big Brother house.

My guess? Sadly, I don’t think they will last. If you ask me, I think these two will end faster than most things in Big Brother history. In fact, I compiled a list of Big Brother things that likely will last longer than Liz and Austin’s showmance. Because even though the two of them have confessed their love for each other, it’s clear from their game play (Austin saving himself over Liz) and their side comments (Liz talking openly about not liking the way Austin kissed) that these two are doomed to end just as surely as every season of Big Brother.

1. The Next HoH Competition

The longest one in history lasted fourteen hours, but even that is too long to compare with the fleeting nature of LizTin’s showmance.

2. The Jury Decision

No hung juries here. Even if the houseguests take hours to decide, you know that’s more impressive than the minutes Austin and Liz will last outside of the house.

3. An HoH Reign

Yeah, they definitely won’t last an entire week, which is the average length of a Big Brother HoH reign.

4. The Frozen Pizza In The Freezer

Seriously, those things can last forever.

5. Slop

Something tells me that, unprepared, that stuff can stay good for eternity. Bring that with you to the end of days.

6. James’ Practical Jokes

I think James could stay hidden in Julia’s room for longer than Liz and Austin could stay together once the season ends.

7. Vanessa’s Crying Fits

Depending on who's in power, those fits of emotion and paranoia can last forever.

Better give in now, LizTin — because something tells me that you’re not going to make it much longer as a showmance, whether you’re in or out of the house.

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Image: CBS (8)