Where Will 'BB17's LizTin Go On Their First Date?

It is one thing to date someone in the Big Brother house, but it's quite another to date someone in real life. I mean, think about how easy it must be — in some ways — to date a person when you’re stuck in a house together for nearly 100 days. I mean, sure, there would be some super stressful factors in some ways, but there would be no need to impress that person with lavish gifts and over-the-top dates, and none of that pesky ghosting stuff — mainly because all of those things would be impossible in the Big Brother house. Plus, the restrictions placed on houseguests make pretty easy to seem romantic with very little effort: Put together a dinner in the HoH suite, and suddenly you’re a romantic.

But, in the real world, Austin is seriously going to have to step up his dating game if he wants to impress Liz — especially since Liz is from Miami, a city with some of the hottest nightclubs and restaurants in the world. Plastic cups and paper plate dinners aren’t going to cut it for the two of them once they’re in the real world.

So, what dates can Austin and Liz go on once they’re out of the Big Brother house? I have a few ideas that just might help Austin win Liz over for good.

Outback Steakhouse

Austin was sad that he couldn't take Liz to the steak dinner that some of the houseguests won earlier in the season. He can definitely make up for lost time by taking Liz to Outback Steakhouse when they are both out of the house — and he'd win extra points if he ordered the Bloomin' Onion, because oh my God, have you tried that thing?

A Barber

To get that beard bun of his trimmed, of course! Nothing says “I love you” like getting rid of the facial hair that has been driving your partner crazy for months.

A Tattoo Parlor

Austin already has a Big Brother-themed tattoo, but something tells me these two should get matching tattoos to celebrate their time in the Big Brother house. Maybe a nice, big bowl of slop?

To His Girlfriend’s House

To apologize, clearly.

A Wrestling Match

So Austin can put all of those courtyard weight lifting sessions to good use once he is back in the real world. Why else would he constantly be loafing around the house topless and with a barbell near by?

Oh, because he’s a total showboat? Oh right. Forgot about that one.

Listen, wherever Austin takes Liz, it’s bound to be better than where they’ve been cooped up for the last three months. I just hope he doesn’t think snuggle sessions and hammock rides are going to cut it for the rest of their relationship.

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Image: CBS (6)