Get To Know 'DASH Doll' Nazy Farnoosh

It’s hard to believe that the Kardashian-owned chain of boutiques has been around for so long, but the first DASH location opened over ten years ago. Though the stores have played a role in Keeping Up With The Kardashians over the seasons, DASH Dolls is the first series all about what happens in front of and behind the counter at the chain’s Hollywood outpost. The series features a cast of DASH Dolls , with occasional pop-ins from Khloé, Kim, Kourtney, and their friends and family. (Fingers crossed for Kanye and North to drop by with a sandwich platter one of these days.) Mehrnaz Farnoosh, who goes by “Nazy,” is one of the Dash Dolls stars.

Farnoosh is the assistant manager of the store, reporting to manager and friend Jennifer Robi. The first E! press release for the series promised that all the hard work of running the store would be balanced out by “romances, parties, family drama and other career aspirations,” so expect to see Farnoosh and her colleagues do more than take inventory of crop tops. Like her fellow Dolls, this retail queen has a robust social media presence that gives fans a peek into her personal life in advance of her first DASH Dolls debut. Here’s what you need to know about Nazy Farnoosh right now.

1. She Could Probably Make A Living As A Kim Lookalike

I mean, wow. Farnoosh is gorgeous in her own right, but from certain angles she could absolutely pass for one of her famous bosses.

2. She's A Taken Lady

Nazy Farnoosh posts a lot of photos with her boyfriend, who's got a fondness for bikes, tattoos, and the outdoors. He should feel free to drop by DASH any time.

3. She's Fighting Cancer In Her Little Brother's Name

This Doll is heavily involved in Be The Match, an campaign by the National Bone Marrow Registry that encourages healthy individuals to donate. She was inspired to take part after her younger brother was diagnosed with leukemia. According to Twitter, he finished his first round of chemotherapy in early July and is hopefully feeling great.

4. Who, By The Way, Is Her Best Friend

Farnoosh is a proud big sister who shared tons of her brother's teen milestones on Instagram, including his prom and his high school graduation. They're obviously very tight, and her sisterly support must be giving him strength during his treatment.

5. She Spends Holidays With Her Mom

Who is also a knockout.

6. She Wouldn't Mind Being A Kid Again

Embarrassing outfits aside, life was much easier when parents shouldered most of the burdens. And, come on, this Throwback Thursday photo is beyond precious.

7. She Knows How Life Works

This sentence is a life philosophy in and of itself. Wouldn't this world be a nicer place if everyone performed random acts of kindness when they could and appreciated the ones they received? We'll see if this mantra makes the jump to the show, where there's bound to be some sort of conflict.

Tune in to DASH Dolls on Sunday after Keeping Up With The Kardashians to get to know Nazy Farnoosh even better!

Image: E!