Donald Trump's #AskTrump Twitter Q&A Responses Are As Hilarious As You'd Imagine Them To Be

During her acceptance speech for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy at Sunday night's 67th Emmy Awards, Veep star, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, quipped, "I think it would be appropriate at this moment to quote our political satire, Veep...'What a great honor it must be for you to honor me tonight.' Oh no, I'm so sorry, Donald Trump said that." She then concluded, "It's getting trickier and trickier to satirize this stuff." Although the zinger spurred a round of guffaws, it is a sentiment that has been bemoaned in some form or another by many following Trump's presidential campaign.

Regardless of where you stand on current issues, the CEO-turned-Republican-presidential-candidate has caused a ruckus among conservatives and liberals alike with points of mud-slinging and language that has bordered on spectacle and bombast — not exactly the best recipe for a serious campaign. From racially insensitive comments in relation to border control, and backhanded (i.e., misogynistic) compliments toward women, it is safe to say that Trump hasn't gained many fans in Hollywood — a place known for its progressive views.

In, perhaps, an attempt to broaden his audience or humanize himself in the face of his critics, Trump took to Twitter (how's that for alliteration?) on Sept. 21 to invite users of the social media platform to send the political candidate their questions, as he would be answering them from Twitter's offices in New York.

It probably comes as a surprise to no one that the invitation was met with an onslaught of trolling, tongue-in-cheek anecdotes, and some questions that were — TBH — downright hilarious. Members of the entertainment industry — including comedians, actors, and even the official account for HBO's House of Cards — participated in the hashtag trend.

Spoiler alert: Trump didn't answer any of the above questions. He did, however, cement his views on immigration, gave business advice, and talked football. When asked about his feelings on Joe Flacco's acumen as a quarterback, Trump offered this response:

As a proud resident of Baltimore, I am marking the above tweet as the first — and possible only — time I will agree with Trump's stance on something.