9 More Reasons To Love Ashley Neil Tipton

by Jessica Willingham

We all let out a collective squeal of pure glee when Project Runway announced that they were hosting their first plus size fashion designer for the U.S. franchise in Season 14. When she finally stepped on the scene, we were all eyes and ears. Here is Ashley Nell Tipton’s best Instagram moments, all showcasing why we love her.

It's about time the show had a plus size designer in the cast, given that the plus size fashion industry is raking in about $20 billion dollars globally. Plus, Project Runway’s beloved mentor and host Tim Gunn told Hollywood Reporter that he would love a season of the show to feature only plus size models. The industry is changing and a lot of designers, models, and consumers find it changing for the better.

Enter Tipton. Her bold, energetic, and daring designs made her an immediate stand out in the show and even won her the first competition. Being plus size herself, Tipton intuitively designs for the way women want to dress. It’s awesome to see a plus size woman designer taking her rightful place in the competition and influencing the industry in such a positive way.

I rounded up some of my favorite moments from Tipton’s Instagram account. I think these best showcase her personality and killer style, and give everyone just another reason to fall totally head-over-heels in love with her.

1. High School Hustler

This is killer because, seriously, who fulfills their high school dreams? For most of us, our dreams and interests change. Tipton has stayed dedicated to fashion, and that's role model-worthy.

2. Crop Top

This outfit is everything. I love that she is fearless with fashion and not afraid to get a little bit edgy with a crop top, leather, and bold prints.

3. Miss Monochrome

This monochrome purple and pastel look is gorgeous. I love that she doesn't have a perfect background — this is just her in the moment, and she's beautiful.

4. Wild Prints

More wild prints! I love the stand out colors and it only proves her taste is impeccable.

5. Real Talk

Tipton is speaking openly about her struggles and that inspires us all to be vulnerable, honest, and accepting.

6. Fat Swap

Tipton helped host a Fat Swap Party, a gathering for plus sizes to swap clothes. She's fat and happy, and totally owning it.

7. Unicorn Skirt

OK, this isn't her, obviously, but it's still pretty damn cool. Celebs like Gabourey Sidibe are wearing her clothes on awards show red carpets and obviously loving every minute. Girl's got serious fans!

8. Winner, Winner

Her first win on Project Runway! Celebrate!

9. Watermelon Skirt

So in love with her personal style, which always includes bold prints. This custom skirt is all over her Insta and for good reason — it's awesome.

Images: @Ashley_Neil_Tipton/Instagram