What Liz Should Do After 'BB17'?

by Emily Lackey

Now that Big Brother is coming to an end, I have high hopes for what will come next for the Big Brother 17 houseguests — especially Liz Nolan. It’s been a rough season for the Season 17 star, even if she hasn’t entirely realized it yet. She probably thinks that making it to the final three has her sitting pretty for a life of post-Big Brother fame, but little does she know her name has been dragged through the mud ever since she attached herself romantically to Austin Matelson. You know, the guy with the beard bun and the already existing girlfriend? 'Member him?

So, I have big dreams for that girl — all including her getting out of the house, realizing what a bum Austin is for dating her while he also had a girlfriend back home, and striking it out on her own for a lifetime of living and loving. Because I can think of so many things that Liz could do after Big Brother that don’t involve Austin, and put her smack dab into the limelight and life that she totally deserves. She’s a funny girl, that Liz! And a pretty smart cookie. I mean, she has to be in order to have made it all the way in the Final Three.

So I’ve compiled a list of things Liz could do after leaving Big Brother that are very much Austin-free and the way to be.

1. The Amazing Race

How amazing would that be if she and Julia were the next contestants on the show? You know they love a good partnership on CBS — and I can’t think of a better one than twin sisters.

2. Star In A Modern Day Remake Of The Parent Trap

How adorable would Liz and Julia be in the role that actress Hayley Mills made famous? (And think of how perfectly their little bandana-ed style would fit in with all of the camp scenes!)

3. Become BFFs With Austin’s Other Girlfriend

I’m hoping Liz makes this whole Austin situation right in some way. Publicly rejecting Austin and getting in good with his other girlfriend would be the perfect way to start.

4. Be On The Bold And The Beautiful

Just to rub it in. Cheaters never win, Austin — especially roles on famous soap operas.

5. Get Her Own Spin-Off Show

I’m thinking something along the lines of Kendra On Top where we see her travel around the world and deal with personal conflict in between. I'd watch it.

6. Become Miami’s New It Girl

Couldn’t you just see her promoting clubs and restaurants with the best of them? Maybe it would even win her a spot on The Real Housewives of Miami.

7. Write A Tell-All Book

Entitled Beard Buns and Bad Breakups: My Life in the Big Brother House. I’d buy it.

There’s a whole big world out there, Liz! I just hope you decide to explore it sans Austin when you get out.

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Image: CBS (8)