7 Steve & John Moments 'BB17' Didn't Show On TV

Some of the most hilarious and heartwarming moments on Big Brother 17 came from Steve and Johnny Mac's friendship. These two lovable dorks played the game hard, managing to stay intact all the way until the final four, at which point Johnny Mac was sent to the jury house. Although they've only been separated for a week, it feels like time moves slower without these goofballs playing off of each other during their time not spent competing. A lot of their moments got put on the network broadcast, but what great Steve and John moments weren't shown on CBS?

With 17 people in the house and less than three hours to cover seven days of events, it's tough to allow every great moment to get national airtime. While Steve and John were becoming besties, CBS gave most of their screen time to Austin and Liz fighting so that all of America could be a part of their drama. Luckily, the live feeds allow viewers to discover all the great Steve and Johnny Mac moments that didn't make it to the network broadcast. Here are some of their best interactions that you might've missed.

Wearing Matching Shirts While Playing With Blocks

Steve and Johnny Mac may be two fully grown men, but that doesn't stop them from knowing how to have fun with blocks. In the boredom of the final four, Steve and Johnny Mac broke out Lincoln Logs and Jenga, where John showed his love of destruction and chaos.

Their Photo Shoot with Julia

Julia has a history with modeling, so it was awful nice of her to show Steve and John some tricks and tips while taking pictures with the HoH Camera.

Relaxing After A Quick Run

Steve isn't much of a jogger, and all it takes is the chance to lay on a hammock with Johnny Mac to get him to slow down and cut his exercise short.

When Steve Became Judas

One of the earliest examples of Steve being sneaky came when he decided to don Judas' top hat and mess with the house. It ended up being more adorable than evil, though.

That Time Johnny Mac Made A Praying Mantis Friend

This is the best evidence so far that Johnny Mac is actually a wizard.

Once Johnny Mac Realized Steve Is The Blue Ranger

Johnny Mac had a strong reaction when he realized that Steve is reminiscent of the original Blue Ranger from Power Rangers.

Steve's Sweet, Earnest Goodbye Video

Steve's goodbye to Johnny Mac is simple, honest, and clearly appreciative. It's the goodbye of someone who is sad to see a friend go, but knows that he will be seeing them again soon.

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Image: Screengrab/CBS