Rihanna's New Stance Socks Are Halloween-Themed

Call me "basic" but autumn and Halloween are my absolute favorite seasons. I repurpose normally Halloween-themed decorations, like skulls, skeletons, poison bottles, and ravens, into decor that looks timeless. I look forward to doling out candy to trick or treaters. But surprisingly, one thing I don't do? Get dressed up in a costume. That's why I am so down with Rihanna's Halloween-themed Stance socks.

I can wear them and get into the spirit, as opposed to having to deal with a full-on Halloween costume, like, you know, a sexy hamburger. These graphic, kitschy, and cute ankle socks are an excellent alternative if you are like me and love Halloween but aren't down with the requisite cosplay.

I realize that putting together and wearing costumes for parties is the most fun part of Halloween for many people. But I can't be bothered. I just don't like to dress up, even though I adore the season. I'd much rather re-watch The Blair With Project around 20 times or go see a terrifying movie like The Green Inferno at night, by myself, in the theater.

But I imagine I will venture out to a Halloween soiree (or 10) this fall, so I'd like to rock Rihanna's Stance socks in lieu of a costume. I think it's perfectly acceptable.

Dude, how fun are these? Right? From the "RiRi" font to the green, Frankenstein-like hands, I am loving these socks. They beat fashioning a fake bolt to my neck so I can be Frankenstein for Halloween.

What would I wear these socks with, as my "costume" to a Halloween party?

I'd don them with a faux leather skater skirt.

A dark wash denim mini is a rad option, too.

Of course I would wear the obligatory Halloween-themed tee to get into the spirit. This skeleton rock hand tee does the trick. Remember, anything pumpkin is so basic, right?

Classic Black Converse, $50, Converse

I'd finish the look off with a pair of classic Converse to keep things seasonal but casual.

I guess I'd end up looking a bit like a Halloween or Hot Topic schoolgirl but whatevs. It's fun.

I will continue to love Halloween and to celebrate the holiday all October long. I just won't be doing it in a costume. But thanks to Rihanna's fall collection of Stance socks, I can get into the spirit a little more visibly.

Images: Rihanna/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands