If 'GG's Blair & Serena Hosted A Playdate...

It feels like just yesterday Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl were taking the Upper East Side by storm, trying to find their one true loves and making the lives of others a living Hell. Now, Blake Lively is a busy mom to her daughter, James, with husband Ryan Reynolds. Plus, news came out on Thursday that Leighton Meester and Adam Brody reportedly gave birth to a daughter named Arlo Day back in August. Let's just take a moment to let that sink in. Yep, both Blair and Serena are moms in real life. So, what do you think would happen if Blair and Serena hosted a playdate? To be clear, I actually mean Blair and Serena, not Leighton and Blake.

My fellow Gossip Girl fans might think a playdate with children would turn out to be a disastrous situation for these two, but I'm not convinced. Yes, it would probably start out badly, with a lot of panic and stress — mainly from Blair, because fans know how much of a control freak she was. However, the playdate would eventually turn out to be great — mainly because Blair and Serena could buy the kids whatever the want and make them happy. You know what they say: money can buy you happiness. Wait...

Whatever the case, here's how I envision a playdate hosted by Blair and Serena.

At First They'd Be Totally Against It

Can you imagine Blair and Serena's reactions when learning they'd have to babysit kids for a day? Yeah, it wouldn't be pretty.

Blair Would Accept The Challenge & Convince Serena

Eventually, they'd both come around. Blair loves a good challenge. As for Serena, she probably wouldn't be into it, but the persuasive Blair would convince her to help.

The Kids Would Want To Play Dress Up

Do you remember S & B's wardrobes? Yeah, I'd want to play dress up, too, but Blair and Serena would so not let the kids near their closets, especially Blair.

Lost Of Bribery Would Be Involved

What else would they do to get the kids to behave? Bribery is their secret weapon.

Serena Would Look To Food As Her Saving Grace

Let's face it, food makes everything better, and what kid doesn't like to eat?

B & S Would Call For Back Up

Eventually, they'd give in and accept they'd need help.

Dan, Chuck, & Nate Would Make Things Worse

Yeah, calling Dan, Chuck, and Nate probably wouldn't be the smartest choice. Though, it'd definitely make for a more interesting playdate.

Blair Would Kick Out The Boys

Blair would get fed up and have enough with the guys. Would she want her playdate to get worse than it already was? Absolutely not.

B & S Would Finally Get A Hold Of Everything

Finally, they would take the bull by the horns and get everything under control until the parents came to get their children.

Blair Would Take All The Credit

Duh. This is Blair Waldorf I'm talking about.

And Serena Would Just Laugh

And secretly swear to herself that she would host an even better playdate and take all of the credit next time. Class Serena.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Leighton and Blake are going to plan much better playdates for their daughters. Well, I hope so.

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