How Often Should You Wash Your Tights?

Now that it's officially fall, it's time to embrace all that the season has to offer. That means pumpkin spice everything, chunky sweaters, riding boots, and our beloved fall staple — tights. Have you ever wondered how often you should wash your tights? Textured or smooth, tights are delicate and often neglected when it comes to washing for fear of ripping or tearing them. While your Olivia Pope-esque coats and your favorite pair of jeans can survive without being washed after each wear, it's time to treat those tights of yours with some respect.

Tights have long been a must-have during fall. Not to mention, this fashion element isn't short on options, and the choices are expanding! For far too long, nude tights were released in an abysmal selection for women of color, but now, tights are becoming more and more available in differing nude tones. That's not where the tight selections end though.

There are some seriously cool textured and patterned tights on the market for the lady looking to rock a unique style. Whether you're looking for octopus tentacles to adorn your legs or lace to give your ensemble a romantic feel, tights are fall and winter's godsend. What's better than functional fashion that allows you to stay warm and look cool?

So, How Often Should You Wash Your Tights?

There are varying ideas on whether or not your can actually wait two wears before washing your tights, but the consensus seems to be that between one and two is the magic time to put those babies in the sink. That's right, the sink. Washing tights in the washer is a great way to ensure that your pair get runs galore. Learn how to wash tights without ripping them to shreds from Bustle's very own Lindsey Rose Black.

Washing your tights is essential to making sure that you're not heading out and purchasing fancy new pair every week. If you've got a gorgeous that you can't live without, remember that these aren't the same as your favorite denim. Pop those babies into a sink with some warm water and detergent, and you'll be good to go!

Happy Fall, tight lovers!

Image: Voyagerix/Fotolia; Lindsey Rose Black