Can You Guess What These Sex Toys Do?

What does the future of sex look like? Well, aside from hologram porn, sex robots, and dating apps for every single interest, food preference, and place you go, you can start to expect more specialized, high-tech sex toys. But unlike niche dating sites and apps, the purpose of unique sex toys aren't exactly obvious to every consumer. From scented vibrators to ones that sync up with erotic short stories, there are plenty of revolutionary vibrators, dildos, and couples' toys coming your way.

But if you've been to a sex shop, there's a good chance you've seen a "what the eff is this?" toy or two. Sometimes, even after you've purchased it and know what it's meant for, you may still be clueless on how to use it when the time comes. And, is there anything more unsexy than pulling out a three-page instruction manual in the heat of the moment?

That's why we put five new sex toys to the test. We asked couples and Bustle staffers to take a look at these vibrators, couples' massagers, dildos, G-spot stimulators, cock rings, and masturbation toys and tell us what they're really meant for. See below as they give it their best shot:

Here are the toys featured in the video and how they're used:

1. Ora 2, $189

Ora 2, $189, Amazon

Guess: "Is this [hole] so you can listen to music while you're simultaneously ...."

How Do You Use It? With a vibrating "tongue" that flicks and swirls, this clitoral sex toy stimulates oral sex and has 10 different sensations to choose from.

2. Tiani 2, $158

Tiani 2, $158, Amazon

Guess: "It looks like a Bluetooth earphone."

How Do You Use It? The vibrating part of this couples' massager, which can be controlled by you or a partner through the round wireless remote, rests over your clitoris. The curved silicone tip hits your G-spot, leaving plenty of room for penetration if you choose to wear it during sex.

3. Transformer, $99

Transformer Vibe, $99, Amazon

Guess: "A cock ring for a giant?"

How Do You Use It? This double-ended vibrator is the world's first gender-neutral toy, and you can twist it into anything and everything you want it to be during sex or masturbation: a rabbit vibrator, a clitoral massager, a cock ring, an anal toy, a G-spot stimulator, or as one person guessed, a vibrating sword.

4. Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, $85

Fleshlight Vulva, $85, Babe Land

Guess: "This looks like a flashlight. Oh! It's a Fleshlight."

How Do You Use It?This new version of the bestselling male sex toy is designed specifically to help you last longer in bed and improve sexual performance. Like all Fleshlights, its sleeve is designed to replicate intercourse with a vagina. This one comes with a book of training exercises to boost stamina.

5. "Ooh" Mix & Match Kit, $105

"Ooh" Mix and Match Kit, $105, Love Honey

Guess: "It's one happy family of vibrators!"

How Do You Use It? This mix and match kit comes with a motor and attachments, so you can customize your sex toys whether you're solo or with a partner.

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Images: Bustle/YouTube