5 Ways iOS9 Will Make Your Life Easier

It's no secret that Apple is dominating the market right now, with new iPhone models, an update on Apple TV, a fancy-schmancy Apple Pencil, and the most accessible of all, iOS9. Although a new version of an operating system may not be as flashy as, say, a rose gold iPhone, it's definitely worth noting thanks to all of the new features it offers. There's no doubt that iOS 9 will make your life significantly easier, regardless as to whether you're upgrading your hardware while you're at it.

In case you need a refresher, iOS is the operating system used exclusively for Apple hardware like iPhones and iPads. In 2007, under leadership of the late, great Steve Jobs, the first iPhone debuted running a version of the Mac computer operating system, Mac OS X. It wasn't until 2010 that the company rebranded the software for iPhones, iPods, and iPads as iOS, a title that matches the format of nearly all of Apple's portable device names(the Apple Watch and the Apple Pencil being the odd ones out).

Though previous updates have improved the phone in their own right, iOS9 is easily the most advanced operating system to date, offering us features we couldn't even have imagined back in 2007 (when I still had a flip phone and was desperate for a pink Razr). It aims to make your life easier all while increasing efficiency, and it definitely hits the nail on the head.

Here are five ways iOS9 is sure to streamline your life:

1. It Takes The Guesswork Out Of Your Period

iOS' health tracking app, appropriately named Health, has finally incorporated an important subsection called Reproductive Health. This addition lets you track your menstruation, ovulation test results, sexual activity, and spotting to take the guesswork out of when your next period might be. It also helps you understand and predict hormone surges or figure out why you're bleeding sporadically between periods. Bless.

2. You Can Automatically Jump To Your Recently-Used Apps

Are you one of those people who has an endless sea of apps installed on your phone? Do you have difficulty finding the appropriate icon for what you want to do as a result? The new iOS neatly consolidates your most recent apps and your most recent text convos in one place. Just make sure you're on the first page of your home screen, swipe right, and voila! In my case, since my most recent apps are the ones I use the most, and my most recent text recipients the ones I contact the most, this is a great feature to help reduce unnecessary scrolling, swiping, and searching.

3. Catching Up On The News Is A Breeze

If you like to catch up on current events before work or in between classes, it can be a hassle trying to navigate through your favorite online newspapers and magazines. The news app, once again appropriately named News, lets you save your favorite publications and topics so headlines from those sites will all appear in one place. Just select your favorites by tapping Explore or Search on the bottom navigation bar, and then tap For You to watch everything you want to read appear on one page.

4. You Can Talk To Siri Without Even Touching Your Phone

To do this, tap Settings, General, and Siri; then swipe the "Allow 'Hey Siri'" slider to the on position. You'll go through a few different steps where you have to say, "Hey Siri" a few times, and then ask her about the weather, to help teach her what your voice sounds like. When that's all set up, every time you say, "Hey Siri," she'll open up without you having to touch anything on the screen. This feature is especially useful when, say, you're cooking or painting and your hands are dirty or occupied; however, it also works when you're lonely, your phone is far away, and you just want to hangout with someone. Welcome to my life.

5. Your Selfies Are All In One Place

Can I get a collective "YAS QUEEN," please? Every time you use your front camera, the photos will be dropped into a selfie folder so you can look at your perfect self anywhere and anytime without having to sift through other, unnecessary fluff. All the better to post your selfies on social media, my dear!

Images: Pexels; Mehak Anwar/Bustle (5)