6 Reasons '90s Kids Are Better At Life

Oh, good morning rest of the world! You're just figuring out that the '90s ruled?! Yeah, us '90s kids have known that SINCE THE '90s! Sure, every generation has an affinity for the decade they came into existence. It's sort of like your home team in sports; you like them a little more than other teams, but only because you have a connection. Our parents purr for the '60s and '70s and our older siblings and weird uncle Todds root the the '80s. But everyone screams for the '90s. That's because the '90s were this magical sweet spot of rapid technological innovation and extreme inhibition and creativity. As the world around beeped and booped its way into flat screens and high speed connectivity, we were busy being kids.

As as we grew up with rudimentary technology, we attained an understanding of engineering without even trying. Growing up in the days of pronged plugs and wires and motors and batteries, we were able to conceptualize how things worked, because we could see it. For us, technology wasn't a magical, invisible force that kids today see it as.

When things broke, we didn't have Genius Bars to take them to. We had to take the time to understand the inner workings of our toys and possessions. We had to figure out how to fix things ourselves. This type of hands-on problem solving has better prepared us for adulthood. It's kinda like technology is that celebrity we met before it was famous. So we're not intimidated by it. We know how to make it tick. And we know all the embarrassing stories of its early years, humanizing it. Here are 6 reasons being a '90s kid made us better adults:

We know how to listen to music

It wasn't just the soundtrack to our workout or our commute. Listening to music was a holy, focused experience. We'd save up for CDs that we really wanted, and once we got them, we'd make an event out of listening to them. MTV even hosted listening parties!

We know how to make friends IRL

Because we didn't have apps as crutches for human connection, we had to put our selves out there and make connections with people in person. It was scary, but wonderful.

We know how to spell

We grew up writing with pen and paper. It might have taken us longer, but not having spellcheck to rely on has made us keener, more thoughtful writers. Do spelling tests still exist?!

We're creative

We didn't have portable flat screens to entertain us on car trips or plane rides. We had to use our imaginations to make up games or have stimulating conversations. We knew how to entertain ourselves, without being plugged in.

We are problem-solvers

When things broke, we had the confidence to try to fix them. Whether it was toothpaste on a CD scratch or a punch to the ice machine, we had crafty little ways to solve problems.

We believe in ourselves

Our role models in film and TV were strong, powerful young women who got dirty and played with the boys. We did not grow up under a glass ceiling. We kicked ass through childhood and now we're kick ass adults.

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