Tom Hiddleston Impersonating Robert De Niro In Front Of Robert De Niro Will Win Your Heart Over — VIDEO

During an appearance on Friday's Graham Norton Show in the U.K., Tom Hiddleston gave what was arguably his best performance yet. OK, I joke, I joke — but really, Tom Hiddleston's impression of Robert De Niro — in front of Robert De Niro mind you — was pretty damn magnificent. As if you needed to add another reason to your already ever expanding list of reasons to love Hiddleston.

But seriously: Go ahead and put "De Niro impressionist extraordinaire" at the top.

Hiddleston, who sat besides the likes of Anne Hathaway, Kenneth Branagh, and of course, De Niro, was promptly asked, "You do impressions of lots of people — so who is in your cannon?" (Apparently, this isn't his first go at impersonations, and Norton was tipped off.) Without much hesitation — except for the necessary disclaimer "It's an expression of admiration, just to be clear!" — the actor delivered us some next level impressions of Owen Wilson and Christopher Walken, and then... wait for it... De Niro.

After Hiddleston explains that the diner scene from 1995's crime drama, Heat, which featured screen legends De Niro and Al Pacino, is one of his favorite scenes ever in film history, he prepares for the big moment. In what is possibly the most adorable thing ever, we see Hiddleston tell Norton, "There's a scene in the film, which you'll be familiar with" (pointing at De Niro), "you were there!" De Niro, looks amused, albeit skeptical. Don't worry though. It gets better.

(De Niro, in his head right now, probably: "Are you talking to me?!")

Anyway, Hiddleston continues to explain the plot of the film Heat... to the star of the film, Heat, and somehow that's not even the most meta part. At least he throws in a compliment for good measure. "It's one of the great pieces of screen acting you can hope to watch." He rambles for a bit, apologizes, and then bless his heart, goes for it. No holds barred.

He begins with the Al Pacino part, and so far De Niro's being a pretty good sport. Though his body language might say, "Wait, what?", his face definitely says "LOL." Also, special shout out to De Niro's hat.

After the Pacino part is over, De Niro grants it good enough for a clap.

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for. The De Niro impression, everybody:


The following clip you are about to witness, is one of a man, highly amused:

Can we get a body language expert up in here? Look at that lean! Those clasped hands!

After Hiddleston finishes, De Niro finally gives his stamp of approval.

The two then discuss the "great piece of writing" that was this scene, and De Niro confesses that it's his favorite part of the film. At one point, a tennis analogy is thrown in there, and honestly I think they Hiddleston could have gone on forever.

But, wait, all of this is wrapped up in THE best way possible, when Hiddleston, while recounting the scene AGAIN, looks at De Niro and says, "And Bob...may I call you Bob?"

Looks like we have a new best friend pair in Hollywood, everyone. Move over, Amy Schumer and J. Law. Just kidding, totally room for everyone. Check out the full video below:

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