15 Reasons To Date A Fellow '90s Kid, Because Sometimes Romance Is Just Like Being Slimed

Did you grow up in the '90s? Hey, I did, too! What a coinkidink! To celebrate let's talk a little bit about why all '90s kids should date a fellow '90s kid at least once in their romantic career. No, I don't actually want to date you — I'm happily partnered already, and you might be, too — but you know what? We grew up during a pretty terrific time, so let's take a look at how it left its lasting mark on us as adults.

Once you leave the halls of education — that is, a place where you're surrounded by people your own age pretty much 24/7 — you're launched into whole world full of different human beings of every age possible. Obviously this isn't necessarily a bad thing; spending time with people who grew up during a different era than you did expands your horizons, and when you get to a certain point, age kind of stops mattering anyway. But there's no denying that people who were kids during the same decade often have a shared experience, which might serve as a good starting point for the whole “getting to know you” dance. Also, sometimes it's just nice to know that whoever you're hanging out with will get your “Did I do thaaaaaaaat?” reference without anyone having to explain it.

Besides, being a '90s kid prepped us for the real world in ways we may not have realized as the time, but which have definitely stood us in good stead as we got older. So here are 15 reasons to date a fellow '90s kid — because you know your throwback date nights are going to be epic.

1. They had the same relationship role model you did growing up.

And that relationship role model was Cory and Topanga, also known as the best relationship role model anyone could possibly have.

2. They know that a mix tape or CD is the most thoughtful way to say “I like you” ever.

It takes a lot of time and effort to curate the perfect mix tape for someone.

3. And that a Ring Pop can be much more than just a piece of candy.

Ring Pops > diamonds. Why? Because they're delicious.

4. As far as you're both concerned, staying in and marathoning The Adventures of Pete and Pete is the best date idea in history.

And while we're on the subject…

5. You probably both have big date night plans in store for The Splat.

You bring the Kraft Mac and Cheese. I'll bring the grape drink. Best. Night. Ever.

6. You both know how to laugh at yourselves.

Sometimes I think this is why so many of us look back at the Golden Age of Nickelodeon with such fondness: It was about being silly, and being OK with being silly. Life is ridiculous, and sometimes, the only way to cope with it is by laughing at it — and at yourself, because one of the offshoots of living in a ridiculous world is that we ourselves are often ridiculous, too. Sure, you could look at getting slimed as gross and messy — or you could look at it as being hilarious. And when you find someone else who also thinks it's hilarious? That's the best common ground you could ask for.

7. They're totally cool with you tasting like Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers when you kiss them.

It's the taste of nostalgia.

8. They won't think your vintage McNugget Buddies collection is weird.

And, in fact, will likely contribute to it on occasion. A good partner respects your hobbies, even if they don't necessarily partake in them themselves.

9. They know that if they want to be your lover, they've got to get with your friends.

Not with them, with them (unless that's how you all roll); nor do they have to actually like your friends. But they do have to respect your relationship with your friends (as you do theirs), and they definitely get that. Thanks for the lesson, Spice Girls.

10. They know how to communicate clearly, both online and off.

First, they remember what it's like not to have the Internet; and second, they learned early on how easy it is to be misconstrued if you don't type exactly what you mean. Also, their spelling is probably impecable.

11. They understand this picture:

(Yes, I realize that Say Anything came out in 1989 — but many '90s kids still have it in their cultural lexicon as the epitome of romance.)

12. And they also know that you don't actually consider it that romantic.

Sorry, Lloyd. Reality check.

13. They're good at thinking outside the box.

A skill honed by living in an era when technology wasn't quite yet capable of taking care of everything for you, outside-the-box thinking is obviously valuable in a whole host of situations. When it comes to dating, it's good for everything from coming up with fun and unique date activities to what you get up to during sexytimes — and when you have two people with that sort of ingenuity in the same room? Let the good times roll!

14. They know the importance of being able to care for another living creature.

Thanks to the Tamagotchi, Neopet, or other digital pet they spent all their time with during their formative years. They say that being able to care for something living, like a pet or a plant, is a green light to look out for when choosing a mate. Just sayin'.

15. You have the shared experience of growing up during one of the best decades ever.

There are a lot of reasons to be glad you grew up during the '90s, and both of you appreciate all of them. They contributed a great deal to becoming the people you are today, and you're both able to acknowledge where you came from, as well as where you might be going. And that? That's an adventure worth taking together.

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