She's a force to be reckoned with on the runway, but Natasha Poly singing in Frame Denim's commercial is quite a revelation. The Russian beauty showed off her vocal skills in a new ad campaign for the brand's fall/winter 2015 collection. Poly first appeared in a black and white ad for Frame Denim back in July, which teased that the model was going to sing in the newly released commercial.

Poly sings both in English and French for the "Alert Amour" clip, which was also shot in black and white. The statuesque model wears head-to-toe black while carrying a microphone, and giving her best Mick Jagger-meets-Charlotte Gainsbourg moves. According to Frame Denim co-founder Erik Torstensson, he approached Poly prior to filming the ad campaign and asking her what career she would have if she wasn't a model.

"She was like, ‘Well, I was going to be a singer,'" Torstensson said. Poly told Vogue that she wanted to attend music school like her cousins, but it wasn't until the opportunity to sing for Frame Denim came up when she finally turned her dream into a reality. “I was really nervous because you are in the studio and in front of people that you don’t know and you have to to sing," she said. "For me, it took a little bit of time to get into it."

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Asked if she would ever pursue a music career, Poly said: “Yeah, I could! I mean I really enjoyed it and I think it could be really great. I could see myself doing it again." Watch Natasha Poly's singing debut for Frame Denim below:

However, Poly's not the only model to get into the music biz. Here are nine other runway icons who made a stab at singing... some more successful than others:

Cara Delevigne

The multi-talented Delevigne performed an acoustic cover of "Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)" with singer-songwriter Will Heard in 2013.

Heidi Klum

The supermodel performed a duet with her then-husband Seal during the 2007 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Tyra Banks

Banks channeled her inner J.Lo in her music video "Shake Ya Body," which debuted during Cycle Two of America's Next Top Model.

Coco Rocha

In 2013, Rocha rocked out in the video titled "Coco Cavalli" for Hunger magazine.

Giselle Bundchen

The Brazilian beauty covered the Kinks for an H&M ad campaign.

Milla Jovovich

The model-turned-actor released her debut album The Divine Comedy in 1994, which featured the alternative single "Gentleman Who Fell."

Carla Bruni

Bruni quit modeling in 1997 to pursue a singing career. She became the First Lady of France ten years later, but still continued her passion for music.

Cindy Crawford

The fashion icon filmed this campy commercial alongside Little Richard for the '90s fragrance Charlie. Classic.

Grace Jones

Bow to this fierce and fearless legend of the stage, screen, and fashion.

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