'Scooby Doo' Hex Girls Halloween Costumes For A Spooky Yet Glam Look

Oct. 31 is fast approaching, so if you're searching for some outfit inspiration, look no further than a Scooby Doo Hex Girls costume. These rocking chicks were an eco-goth girl band who took style tips from witches and vampires in popular culture to put their own spin on the classic teen witch costume. The Hex Girls first appeared in the animated movie Scooby-Doo! And The Witch's Ghost and proceeded to make guest appearances in the Scooby-Doo franchise thereafter. Initially, it was thought that the girls were the villainesses of the movie. Luckily, it soon became clear that they sided with the Mystery Inc. gang.

The Hex Girls are comprised of lead singer, guitarist, and real life Wiccan Thorn, drummer Dusk, and keyboardist Luna. After watching them do their thing in Scooby-Doo! And The Witch's Ghost back in 1999, my friend and I became obsessed. Since then, I've always wanted to be in a girl band, and last year I made this dream come true. Sadly, my vintage girl band has a completely different aesthetic to the gothic Hex Girls. So Halloween is my chance.

If you too are a Hex Girls groupie or you want to unleash your inner goth girl this Halloween, here's how to channel these badass babes.

1. Lay The Frightening Foundations

Each member of the band flaunted a witchy dress in a slightly different style and shade. If you and two friends each want to transform into a Hex Girl, ensure you pick your favorite character and channel their different looks. Thorn's dress was romantic goth, Dusk's dress had a vampire bride vibe, and Luna's was more of a '90s teen witch piece.

ASOS Wedding Drape Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress, $81, ASOS

This romantic, cold shoulder maxi would be perfect for singer Thorn.

Club L Plus Size Slinky Maxi Dress With Drape Front And Side Split, $51, ASOS

This draped, side split gown in a blood red shade would also suit this leading lady.

Midnight Merriment Dress, $65, Modcloth

Drummer Dusk wears a green dress with gothic bell sleeves for her performance costume. This forest green one with a crisscross V-back and cutout bell sleeves is a near match.

Women's Plus Size Ruched Dress, $94-118, Amazon

The Hex Girls put the vamp in vampire so if you want to glam up Dusk's costume, choose this fitted plus size dress with batwing sleeves.

ASOS Plunge Neck Pencil Dress, $76, ASOS

Keyboardist Luna's attire consisted of a long sleeved purple number, so this slinky, purple dress would be a great place to start your eerie ensemble.

Women's Plus Size Maxi Dress, $116-128, Amazon

If you're looking for a show-stopping maxi, this royal purple gown will hit all the right notes.

All of the Hex Girls wore fangs to complete their vampiric vixen looks. You can actually order specific fangs to suit your mouth made from high-grade dental acrylic.

Kustom Klassic Canine Fangs, $69.99 (1 Pair), kaoskustomfangs

2. Thorn's Look

Each Hex Girl has a signature color, and Thorn's is red. However, they all tie in together with their witchy ensembles and generally dark costumes. If you're going to take the lead and dress like Thorn, here's what you'll need.

Thorn exudes decadent goth vibes in long, fingerless gloves.

Lace Long Fingerless Gloves In Black And Red, $43, Etsy

These red and black lacy ones are the perfect mix between gothic and girly.

Thorn accessorizes with a bat necklace and matching scarlet lips and fingernails.

Red Glitter Bat Pendant Gothic Creepy Necklace, $14, Etsy

What could be more creepy cute than a glittery, red bat necklace?

Unicorn Lipstick In "Glamour101," $18, limecrime

IMO, if Thorn was a real person and not just a cartoon, she would give the best makeup masterclasses for glamorous goths. This bold, red lipstick appropriately named "Glamour101" would make a stunning shade for this starlet.

Formula X The Black Quartz Collection In "Aura," $13, Sephora

This sparkling red nail polish would help Thorn shine on stage, plus it would match her necklace.

3. Dusk's Look

As you can see, Dusk's signature color is green and she accessorizes her outfit with cute hair ties, triangle earrings, and a studded choker.

Mismatch Elastics Pale Pink With Green And White Bubblegum Bead Stars, $6, Etsy

These green gumball style hair ties are an awesome choice for Dusk, especially considering they're printed with witchy stars.

Jewelili Green Agate Brass Earrings, $8, Amazon

These green, triangular earrings not only look the part, but they feature green agate, which is said to be useful in resolving disputes. That's just what you need if you and your band members are having creative differences.

Vegan Friendly Spiked Choker Collar With O-ring, $15, Etsy

This spiked collar will have you channelling Dusk in no time while hopefully scaring away evil spirits.

Just like Thorn, Dusk has matched her makeup to her outfit. She wears jet black eyeshadow and a green lipstick to steal the limelight.

Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow, $23, Makeup Forever

This incredible black eyeshadow will help you create Dusk's dramatic eye look.

Lipstick In "Apocalips," $26, illamasqua

This dark green lipstick is bang on for the rocker babe.

4. Luna's Look

Luna is a vibrant dresser. As with the rest of this gothic girl gang, she wears her outfit and makeup color coordinated like a pro.

100MM Gold Hoop Earrings, $10, Claire's

Stay in the loop with these large, gold hoop earrings.

Eye Shadow In "Beautiful Iris," $16, MAC Cosmetics

Embrace the purple haze with this sumptuous lilac eyeshadow.

Unicorn Lipstick In "Poisonberry," $18, limecrime

Get groovy with this purple lipstick aptly named "Poisonberry."

Don't forget the purple, fingerless gloves that add an extra flourish to Luna's fingertips.

Trashglam Pink Purple Fingerless Gloves, $58, Etsy

These purple gloves will lend a glam rock vibe to Luna's look.

Make like a Hex Girl and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies (or friends and family) in vampy costumes this Halloween.

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